In an oppressive and politically corrupt climate under Premier Joh Bjelke Peterson, RAZAR wrote songs about their disdain for the police, mocked conservative culture of the day, and soon started to chart their way into punk history after playing their first gig at The Atcherley Hotel.

Venues were scarce except The Curry Shop, the odd hotel and hired halls, which made bands susceptible to the scrutiny and reach of the law. RAZAR quickly attracted the notice of the local Task Force, a division of the Queensland Police.

Playing around the suburbs and city at same time were punk icons The Saints and The Leftovers, also holding Brisbane’s sceptre in punk sovereignty for a proud Australia counter culture.

With few opportunities to advance in Brisbane musically, RAZAR like many others took the trip south to Sydney in a transit van, stayed in dodgy hotels around Central Railway and made little money but still ended up being able to cut their first single “Stamp Out Disco” b/w “Task Force” which is now regarded as a classic. Bob Wackley went on to Grooveyard and the Screaming Tribesmen and will fly from his home in the USA for the one-off show.

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