The package will be replete with a treasure trove of previously unseen photos, painstakingly recovered from damaged negatives in some cases, and an authoritative essay by journalist and original fan Toby Cresswell. 

"Radios Appear" – the "black" (Trafalagar Records) and "white" (Sire Records) versions – will be released in their original form with a companion disc of outtakes. The Trafalgar version will include the "Burn My Eye" EP with a whopping eight outtakes as a bonus.

Alternate arrangements of "Aloha Steve and Danno" and "Love Kills" are on the Sire release bonus disc.

"Living Eyes" will be presented in original and remixed forms with outtakes of "Dark Surprise", "Didn't Tell The Man" and "Death By The Gun" finally officially available. "If I Wanted To" is a notable absence. There's an original demo of "Crying Sun" - the song that was a point of contention between band members after a Rockfield Studios mixdown. 

Two tracks from a black-and-white video of a performance at Macquarie University in 1976 (restored from a very rough tape) feature on a DVD. Licensing some prime footage from the ABC proved too expensive.

Release dates are October 10 in Australia and October 28 in the USA and Europe. 

Disc 1 : Radios Appear Deluxe (Trafalgar Version)
01. T.V. Eye
02. Murder City Nights
03. Anglo Girl Desire
04. Man With Golden Helmet
05. Descent Into The Maelstrom
06. Monday Morning Gunk
07. Do The Pop
08. Love Kills
09. Hand Of Law
10. New Race

Disc 2 : Radios Appear Deluxe (Trafalgar Version) Bonus Disc - From The 1976 Ep ´Burn My Eye´ (Trafalgar / Me-109)
01. Smith And Wesson Blues
02. I 94
03. Snake
04. Burn My Eye
Outtakes Mixed From Original Masters And Previously Unreleased
01. Love Kills
02. Insane Alive
03. I 94
04. Descent Into The Maelstrom
05. Man With Golden Helmet
06. Snake
07. Hand Of Law
08. Anglo Girl Desire

Disc 3 : Radios Appear Deluxe (Sire Version)
01. What Gives?
02. Non Stop Girls
03. Do The Pop
04. Man With Golden Helmet
05. Descent Into The Maelstrom
06. New Race
07. Aloha Steve & Danno
08. Anglo Girl Desire
09. Murder City Nights
10. You´re Gonna Miss Me
11. Hand Of Law
12. Hit Them Again

Disc 4 : Radios Appear Deluxe (Sire Version) Bonus Disc
01. You´re Gonna Miss Me (Outtake)
02. Shakin´ Street (Outtake)
03. Hit Them Again (Outtake)
04. Anglo Girl Desire (Outtake)
05. Non Stop Girls (Outtake)
06. Aloha Steve & Danno (Alternate Arrangement)
07. Breaks My Heart (Trafalgar Demo)
08. Crying Sun (Trafalgar Demo)
09. Do The Pop (Outtake)
10. More Fun (Trafalgar Demo)
11. What Gives? (Outtake)
12. Love Kills (Alternate Arrangement)

Disc 5 : Living Eyes Deluxe
01. More Fun
02. T.P.B.R. Combo
03. 455 Sd
04. Do The Movin´ Change
05. I 94
06. Iskender Time
07. Burn My Eye ´78
08. Time To Fall
09. Smith And Wesson Blues
10. Crying Sun
11. Breaks My Heart
12. Alone In The Endzone
13. Hanging On

Disc 6 : Living Eyes Deluxe Bonus Disc
Original Rockfield Tracks Remixed For The Redeye Records CD Reissue Of Living Eyes
01. Hanging On
02. 455 Sd
03. Do The Movin´ Change
04. T.P.B.R. Combo
05. I 94
06. Iskender Time
07. Burn My Eye ´78
08. Alien Skies
09. Time To Fall
10. Smith And Wesson Blues
11. Crying Sun
12. Breaks My Heart
13. More Fun
14. Alone In The Endzone
15. Dark Surprise (Rockfield Outtake)
16. Didn´T Tell The Man (Rockfield Outtake)*
17. Death By The Gun (Previously Unreleased Outtake)
From The 1989 12in EP ´More Fun!´ (Wea / Wea0.257825)
01. Dark Surprise
02. Breaks My Heart
03. More Fun

Disc 7 : Live At Paddington Town Hall Dec 12th 1977
All Track Mixed From Master 2in Tapes. Except For Tracks 6, 10, 13 Previously Unreleased
01. New Race
02. Descent Into The Maelstrom
03. Anglo Girl Desire
04. Murder City Nights
05. Transmaniacon Mc
06. More Fun
07. Smith And Wesson Blues
08. Man With Golden Helmet
09. Crying Sun
10. Breaks My Heart
11. What Gives?
12. Let The Kids Dance
13. Dark Surprise
14. I 94
15. Non Stop Girls
16. Do The Pop
17. Burn My Eye
18. Monday Morning Gunk
19. Ramblin´ Rose

20. Aloha Steve & Danno (Live Paddington Town Hall Dec 77)
21. What Gives? (Live Paddington Town Hall Dec 77)
22. New Race (Live Paddington Town Hall April 77)
23. Aloha Steve & Danno (Promotional Video)
24. Monday Morning Gunk (Live Macquarie University 76)
25. Ramblin´ Rose (Live Macquarie University 76)