The song gets along on the power of Line Dahlmann's gorgeous vocal and the band's characteristic nimble pop-rock backing. If you've heard any of the band's back catalogue (mostly singles) you already know that you need this. It's a little cheesy (in a nice way) and maybe there's a lyric or two that Lindsay can relate to.

The Nomads song is a cracking original and has their name written all over it. In other words, it has power and melody to burn. The keys are Hans Ostlund's piercing lead guitar and Nick Valhberg's vocal which are both to the fore. Ex-Dictator Andy Shernoff gives an assist on backing vocals.

Once they started writing their own stuff, these guys became the model for tough but hooky rock and roll and were the bedrock of the Swedish scene. Nothing's changed, except the frequency of their shows.

"L.F.L.F."? Lindsay Forever Forever Lindsay. Good luck finding a copy in a shop. You can hit up Lindsay (ask nicely) though. His "Next Big Thing" blog is here and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. might be his email address.