The title track is a cracker of an opener. Lyrically, it’s about a night spent at home. Sonically, it goes for the thorax. Once it gets a grip on it, it rips it out. “Everynite” sounds like the Dead Kennedys without Jello’s helium vocals.  “Charlie” nods to Charles Manson and simultaneously gives him a middle finger. “Wanna Be With You” is in the same musical vein, a super-fast tear-away punctuated by stop-starts and a frenetic rave-up towards the end. 

James Baker’s drumming is magnificent. Dave Flick thrashes away like a maniac. Ray Ahn's rumble sounds like it was born to be there. It’s an essential purchase. Too bad it’s not a 20-minute LP - but be aware that In The Red has simultaneously re-issued all The Victims’ old stuff on a 12-inch record. Buy both here.