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2020 Barfly Top Ten: Mark Fraser of Redback Rock

mark fraser 2020Top 10 releases for 2020
Mark Fraser
Wrtiter for Redback Rockand Vynil Records label honcho

Bad Dreems- “Doomsday Ballet”
Snotty, raggedly beautiful, punkesque pop that's as honest as a day's work. One beautiful yellow and black splatter platter of endearing, edgy popnificence. Ten double plus!

Dune Rats - “Hurry up and Wait”
The perfect blend of pop and punk, that’s as catchy as a case of COVID. On permanent rotation.

Space Boozzies- “Living’ Up The he Coast”
Summer...beer gardens…downin’ tinnies on the bonnet of the EH wagon down at South Narra. The perfect beachin’ garage album for summer.

Gold Hearts- “Beach Butts” (single)
The Gold Hearts' sounds are pure 60s wahine surf pop...wahoos and all. Gorgeous.

Lachlan Edwards- “Once More” (EP)
From the very first, this is a total charmer. The title track is an instant creeper... gorgeous sparse guitar...semi-yearning vocals and  cruisy riffs that crawl right on in.

Little Quirks - “Florence’s Town” (single)
Gorgeous vocal harmonies...that folk tinged heart warming popestry...and songwriting skills that are way beyond their years.

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