dave graney 2017 top tenGo Go Sapien - "Love In Other Dimensions"
These guys are freaks who have gone beyond themselves on their latest epic. And they always put out a dynamite live show.
Clip for "THE IMAGINARY MAN" here.

Custard - The Common Touch
Second great album since reformation shows started.
Clip for "2000 Woman" here

Machine Translations - "Oh"
I always like Greg Walker's albums. He writes such great lyrics, too.
Clip for "Doom Boogie" here. 

Grey Lotus - "Acacia"
Great band from Haarlem in the Netherlands. They are tough. To play this well and so slow and tuneful.
Clip for "Song For Syd Barrett" here

The Stress of Leisure - "Eruption Bounce"
Favourite band from Brisbane. Great sounds and grooves.
Clip for "I Wanna Be Adult" here.

King Gizzard And the Lizard Wizzard
Well, they’ve released four albums so far this year and two singles this week……Great guys, phenomenal live show. Murders of the Universe!
Clip for "Countdown" here

The Sand Pebbles - "Desire Lines"
Must be their sixth or seventh. Lost some great members but rose out of the wreckage for this. 
Clip for "Desire Lines" here

Dave Graney and Clare Moore - "Let's Get Tight"
Well, we won't be in any other lists, so….
Clip for "I Need To Be Hot" here.

Georgio "The Dove” Valentino - "The Future Lasts a Long Time".
Mysterious US/Euro character we had the pleasure to play with in Australia and Europe this year and very much hope to hook up with again.
Clip of a biographical nature here

Ryley Walker
Unsure if he released an official album this year, maybe a collaborative instrumental one. I think this talented young American is beyond time. Here's a live performance from July this year. 

Steve Gunn - "Eyes On The Line"
Might have been last year but he toured Australia. Saw a great acoustic guitar showat the National Gallery Of Victoria. His album was described as part Television/ part Byrds.
Clip for "Conditions Wild" here. 

I also loved playing as opening act and seeing Radio Birdman in Melbourne and then seeing "Descent Into The Maelstrom: The Radio Birdman Story" the very next day. OK, playing guitar with Tav Falco and Panther Burns on "Snake Drive "in Helldorado, Euskadi, in October was pretty great, too. Watch a clip here.

Dave Graney leads Dave Graney and The Mistly, plays with Harry Howard and the NDE and collaborates musically with his partner as Dave Graney and Clare Moore. He led The Moodists and Dave Graney and The Coral Snakes. His new book "Workshy" is available here. Buy his music here.