lighthouse-in-the-darknessOne of France's finest trios of psych noisemakers go part of the way down an acoustic path for their newest record and it's hypnotically effective. Little Green Fairy don't leave the fuzzbox and wah wah pedal at home in their town of Sette but vary their textures enough to open up new vistas of light and shade.

Little Green Fairy's always had dynamics, they've just added some more atmospherics. "I've Never Seen The Light" is a folk rock opening to the nine-track album and it's more captivating that somber. Rauky's plaintive vocal is right on the money. "Burning Soul" is even better with Clarisse's warm drumming and the catchy chorus adding to the impact. "I Feel Low" is a Velvets style stroll while "She's Gone" continues in the same style.

"I Believe In Miracles" is a pounding Ramones cover that reminds you these guys (and girl) know how to rock. Joey's solo song "I Won't Let It Happen" (a poignant co-write with Andy Shernoff) is a less boisterous but no less effective second Lower East Side reference point. Sung with that French burr, no less.

"Seven Gates Of Hell" calls in guest Lo Spider (Jerry Spider Gang - and the record's producer) on '70s synthesizer to help build the wall of sound and comes a close second to "We Are The Night" as the pick for barnstormer of the album.

As is the nature of things these days, it's not only on vinyl but also available as a download at Bandcamp so you can always have a listen before you buy. Both of which you should do. 


Little Green Fairy on Bandcamp