catzillaHello from the farmhouse, I-94 Bar users and abusers! I can tell you that this week the farm has been grooving to Catzilla, a band from Perth with a surf/horror, '60s inspired sound that is very contagious to one's ears.

Every track on this self-titled album is crafted with love. The guitar fuzz of Andy Jarvis is so locked in with Coo Jarvis (keyboards and vocals), it's kind of hard to believe this fine band has only been playing a little over two years. Throw in the thumping bass of Tracey Devery and the drums sound that Trevor Judd has going and it all adds up to a great album...14 Catzilla tracks of groovy goodness.

"Strut Miss Lizzy" is a romping, stomping, raunchy tune. "Kitty Kitty" is pure gold. "Secret Agent 99" is filled with humour and wit. "Keep On Dancing" does just that.

"Stomping In The Jungle" is one hell of a fine tune , but for me, "Everywhere You Go" is the perfect pop song. The vocal of Coo Jarvis is just beautiful (think Lisa Kekaula from The Bellrays. This lady can sing, folks, and I mean sing.

Formed from the ashes of Rocket To Memphis after their drummer left and moved to Melbourne, Catzilla had the honour of playing the legendary "Back From The Grave" garage rock show in Tokyo last year. Coo and Andy are formerly of Sydney band Toys Went Berzerk.

So, abusers of the I-94 Bar, as the band says, this album should be played at your next go-go party.

I expect to hear a lot more of this wonderful band from Western Australia. Six West End Beers please Barman!

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