MikeMonroeThere's a sorrowful joy
I've known since I was a boy
Joyful sorrow, I guess
It's a maimed happiness... -David Johansen

I ain't had no fun since the Hammersmith Palais.." - Demolition 23

"Well so long, liberty-let's forget you never showed, not in my time." -Joe Strummer

"You built your refuge, turned you captive just the same..." - Duran Duran

While billionaire oligarchs Bezos and Musk race to Mars in duelling dick rockets, accuse each other of being compromised by foreign powers and demand bigger handouts for their space companies from Biden (which they will probably get) and TV watchers cheer for their preferred Super Scientific Space Savior, Wal-Mart has raised the prices of all their food by like, a lot.

What used to be a dollar fifty, is four bucks, basically. You are a captive audience of the Walton family, if you live somewhere where they killed off all the mom and pop shops of old downtown Main Street. Nine dollars for a GMO watermelon that is white on the inside, has no nutritional value anymore and is almost tasteless thanks to Gates and Monsanto. But your posh celebrity friends will tell you Vandanna Shiva is a conspiracy theorist. Or that Julian Assange works for..."RUSSIA!"

I bet your little town has some insufferable gentrification hipsters in it. Retro hair-do's and deep cocaine pockets, always on iPhones makin' deals, doing their hustles, with sunglasses, nice shoes, and no manners? Taking over your downtown? Indie-martyrs, are they any less evil then big biz, super titanium ultra villain, Monopoly despots? Yeah, probably, 'cause they don't usually have the power to hire positive PR stories in mainstream media or crush unions and shit, but they almost always treat their employees and own clientele like garbage, until they drive themselves outta business.

If I visit your coffee truck or $13 grilled cheese stand four or five times and it takes you 10 minutes every visit while you bitch about how you're not getting enough tips or making enough money, I don't come back. If you own a faux gourmet pizza place and it takes 20 minutes to pick up a to go order we called in half-an-hour ago, and you've made it known you are mostly intentionally catering to rich people from outta town, I stop spending money there, too. The in crowd always spot me on the sidewalk and incorrectly presume I'm the sorta cat they're gonna party with at the bar, but I don't go to businesses that treat old ladies suffering from dementia poorly, or who moan and groan about how much they hate the unsightly poor. In the immortal words of my once semi-homeless ex bass player, The Kid, a.k.a., Useless B: "Fuck Those People!"

If you ain't extra super-duper solvent, these brunch-babies are gonna be replacing you on the block. It really seems their primary purpose on the planet is to move in, wherever working class people were busy making art, copy their bands, monetize their style, short-sightedly rip-off any and all potential paying customers, and displace all rock ‘n’ roll motherfuckers. Instead of The Clash, we get the Offspring. Instead of Prince, here is Bruno Mars. As I recall, it started with the Strokes. I liked 'em way better when they were NANCY BOY!

My little nowhere corner of the desert has a city hall firmly in the breast pocket of some big money Mr. Burns or Dr. Evil lurking behind the scenes, and they just casually announced they will henceforth be using flyover drones to spy on people's backyards and determine whether their gardens and garages are adequately fashionable, sufficiently chicly gentrified, and orderly enough to please booj people sensibilities. Now, lemme tell ya, in dirty boots and high winds cowboy country, all these Daddy Warbucks old, Marlboro Men and Georgia O'Keefe-imitating new age lady artists they almost all own gigantic compounds, where they all keep elaborate collections of multiple boats and little cabins, guest cottages, hot tub rooms, ancient cars and offroad vehicles, greenhouses, RV's and trailers occupied by their assistants. They are all little cities unto themselves, self-governing, like Disney. I highly doubt the yard evaluating spy-cops are gonna be shakin' any of those people down.

Meanwhile, I have an elderly artist friend who created all these 20-year-old, kitsch-y cool installations all over our tiny downtown, years ago. A woman who used to own a second-hand hipster boutique that went outta business hired her to make these kooky fences around her building with a jigsawed wooden cut-out cartoon mural of the lady boutique owner, integrated into the fencing with second hand bed springs, blue glass, broken up bits of mirror, empty champagne bottles, baby dolls, ‘50s advertisements, and old vintage license plates. City Hall says that shit's still cool 'cause they think it appeals to hipster tourists, but her own front yard, that the artist created a similar installation on, is at risk of being code enforcement violated, because she lives near an unsold, new on the market, oversized big, dumb, ugly as fuck McMansion. In her own backyard, there is a gorgeous religious shrine she created from tree limbs and bottles and wire that will likely be called a fire hazard by these crazy Orwellian, gentrifying, drone watchers. So yeah, a grumpy hermit from the rock hound collector club, with a yard full of old stuff he's found on the side of the mountain, or at the beach and recycled and repurposed, he is being hassled and hazed, trash talked online, called a hoarder, hated and feared by just-moved-here suburbans from Iowa.

Big rich lady compound with old baseball caps and broken musical instruments and fishing gear all over her rusty fences?? They don't wanna fuck with her, she's got more money than any of them or their hipster shop owning boyfriends, so she can be freely freaky, and eccentric and bohemian, until doomsday, which might be any minute now.

I don't own property or recreational vehicles, or drive, or hoard any shit in my yard, so why does this bullshit affect me? Two reasons. I love the unconforming cowboy culture of the desert Southwest, it's why I came here-to get away from fucking rich identikit genre-hag hipsters and overpriced rents and legal for white rich people pot dispensaries. #2: the real target of all this bullshit new "change the culture" over-policing is me. I don't always primarily identify as a poor person, I Frequently feel very blessed, but when I hear the privileged Karens and beardo yuppie hipsters complaining about the damned, dirty, lawless poors, I'm like, oh, yeah. They really don't like me, or care about preserving any kinda old hippie or punk or outlaw desert-mojo culture, only about protecting and expanding their own privilege and tiny empires. They are all Brand Building. Micro-politicians, sales, sales, sales. Two hundred bucks a night, dig?

So I wanna know exactly WHO sits on this style committee of Better Homes & Garden art critics, these apparent "Architecture Digest" subscribers, evaluating other people's cactus gardens and freaky art displays. Who made these mf's Simon Cowell/Isaac Mizrahi unreality show Judges? What happens when somebody don't like YOUR Tibetan prayer flag, or yin-yang garage mural, or mosaic tile hot tub portrait of a fish, or whatever the fuck? Ya know? What qualifications do these DECIDERS have to critique anyone's landscape choices or coyote paintings? I been advocating for one lone wolf in particular who is being unjustly persecuted by people who own more expensive real estate, I was talking to him about our defiant and proud traditions and artistic expression and he says about another D.I.Y. decorator down the street, "that guy needs to work on his paintings-that shit looks psychotic." I, of course, have no heart to say, that is exactly how YOUR art is perceived, by all these get rich quick generic gentrifiers. Everybody's a critic. All that fucking TV programming. "The Voice" and "Amerikkkan Idol". All that shit. Hoodwinked and Bamboozled. Sheesh! Either we stand together or hang apart.

Gentrification is when some outta state grifter, real estate hoarder or greed-head, get rich quick schemer "sees opportunity" (vulnerability) and decides to move into a traditionally poorer enclave of idiosyncratic people in an intentionally offbeat community and "change the culture" by jacking up the local rents, installing way overpriced food trucks, hipster bodegas, or coffee shops, or Airbnbs, or health food stores, making it prohibitively expensive for lower income people to stay there. All under the guise of providing some urban "cool" image, or trendy, artsy patina. Like when 7-Up went psychedelic in the highjacked hippie era! The only resistance one ever sems to hear from the Got-Mine, Jacks about these hipster invaders is their horrified opposition to developers potentially someday receiving low-income housing grants for building, because you know, that would mean (SHOCK! GASP! HORROR!) the dreaded presence of unsightly POOR PEOPLE in "their" own neighborhood.

The big laugh is that we are already here, right here, next door, two doors down, been here, been here before the gentrification hipsters. HERE BEFORE YOU. You'll know someone is a gentrification hipster when they wannabe authority figures and start throwing their weight around, even at petty nothing, low-wage jobs. Rule enforcers like the Hindu tattooed, kooky festival-goer bartender who bans the old lady who does not tip him because she is not a drinker, only came to dance and socialize. That kinda shit. Business owners all learned the pretty P.C. flowery-lingo lexicon at college, about being inclusive and family oriented and welcoming people with disabilities, but only if they can make a big, fast buck off 'em. "Vibrant & Diverse" just means you can be different, or disabled, s'long as you got a lotta MONEY. You get these armies of pseudo-macho, twenty something tattooed males getting off on being cops because they have no compassion and still live with their rich landlordly moms. You got your omnipresent Karens, self-deputized neighborhood watchers, always lookin' to make a bust. You got hipster business owners becoming active on city councils and shit, who don't really care about local traditions of rugged individualism, or the culture being changed, or exploited and cheapened by here today, gone later today mansion builders, they also just see these elitist dollar signs, and think some imaginary outta state money havers visit cool places because they never seen ten McMansions built around a golf course before. They are wrong, of course, people flock to these far-out cool places off the beaten track because the uniqueness and quirkiness of the locals. The main tools that rich people plotting the mass purge of the poor utilize, called "broken window theory", are stop and frisk over-policing tactics, the harassment of true artists and bohemians, and selective code enforcing-city hall art critics evaluating people's homes and gardens based on some bogus, imaginary, empty criteria that only applies to targeted populations. A rich person can have a buncha old shit and unused vehicles all over their gigantic silver fenced block wide big compound, no problemo, but poor people are served with cop threats for cow skull cactus gardens, or old blue bottles integrated into their fences, or eccentric rock garden, or found object installations.

I always try to fight for the little guy and stand with the underdogs, but you know what's sad? When you realize even your own former colleagues and fake friends and would-be former collaborators don't care about preserving any eccentric culture of artistic freedom, only exploiting some surface image of eclecticism to attract touristy money havers and get rich quick, themselves. How terrible it is to slowly realize that your artist associates aren't as dedicated to libertine lifestyles or unorthodox expressions of imagination as they also are of make a buck overnight, blindly ambitious, insatiable, hungry ghost wealth worshipping! I'm the kind of guy who will make cartoon fliers defending some misunderstood cowboy's right to make weird junk sculptures in his yard, and proactively resist the bigwigs and fat cat art cops when the native creative community is under attack, only to gradually realize that an overwhelming majority of the so called creative community are double-secret in bed with the Scrooge McDuck developers and their real agenda is to push undesirable poor people outta town so they can charge more rent and shit. Ten-dollar cups o' Joe. $200 a night bed n breakfast, but without the breakfast, Here's a lava lamp to look at instead. Sometimes, I forget my own rule about not organizing with middle classers or getting involved with proletarian just-us causes. "WE have the right to refuse anyone service" signs.


In the USA, we used to have something called the Bill Of Rights but that got cancelled under Bush/Cheney and Obama just charmed everybody into never mentioning it. War machine propagandists took over the entire media. All the cool people died, died. Even the beautiful B-52's are on their farewell tour. The all-time greatest house party, all aboard for Fun Time, full blast, love shack shakin' and all-night shimmying, right the fuck on, good times entertainers besides the Fleshtones! (Or maybe MM or Iggy Pop!) Do you ever find yourself getting depressed about this shit show world and feel a real nagging desire to wanna kinda get wasted, checkout, melt into old songs, and escape this unreality horror show for at least a little while? I mean, we used to have each other-me and the rest of the glitter kids, we could get together over some beer and vodka and dance to the Fleshtones, and yell along with the Clash, and weep along with Depeche Mode and New Order. Laugh along with Zapp's "I Can Make You Dance (If You Want Me To), or Rick James, have some pizza, pass out, and in the mid-afternoon, do it all again?!  I was listening to that "Like An Angel" 12 inch by Duran Duran this morning and remembering how heavenly it was when we still had some good friends we could trust who weren't just trying to get over on us, make a buck, charge more rent, hit on our lady, or plagiarize our tunes.

Aww, man, wherever I fucking roam, the goddamned trust funders are two steps behind me, with their mama money and hipster capitalist ambitions. These fuckin obedience signalling, woke-washed shit-lib gentrification brunchers get to take your place and steal your face cause their family fortunes allow them to stay in your old zip code and get paid to be you, second hand, by proxy, DJ'ing at some overpriced fake dive bar for millionaires. Whenever I encounter big city hipsters on my walks around the dead-end, once completely deserted, dreary ghost town, they initially all get giddy with utterly vain delusions of assimilating me into their relentless hipster capitalist, Tik Tok, Kardashian brand-building. They always follow me around like the tattooed lady, until they realize I refuse to be their second banana, sideshow mascot, content provider idea man, then, they ghost me L.A.M.F., which is, as it should be. I'm not here to be some brand logo, or cartoon cereal-box Count Chocula or Tony The Tiger space face for these gentrified-asshole empire havers. I understand the temptation, though.

One of my lifelong nearest and dearest intimate amigo, dead crusty drunken punk buddies, who really put the crust into crusty, allowed the status quo richies to pat him on the head, and stand him outside their tattoo shop like a wooden indian statue, and membership obviously has it' rewards, he did eventually go from being a universally maligned and feared and loathed and misunderstood and outcast, unappreciated undesirable, to being a harmless, happy go lucky, Frisch's Big Boy bank, brand celebrity for a couple years before he died, and was mainstream-mourned by all the straights and even merchandised, by some enterprising t shirt designers. You can't make this shit up. Beautiful beast, that one, big drinker. I love him forever. Where I live now, all the usual boomer rich people and college culture, sensitivity-studies wokey-wokers who run the town and wish to be seen everyday at the tourist-trap hoo-ha, they all pose as motherfucking shamanic guru mystic, new age healers, and are willing to charge you a hundred bucks to E.S.P. read your fortune, or realign your chakras, or analyze your pet Pitbull’s astrological past lives, or accompany you on a hike up the mountain, or whiteman swet lodge you or whatever, but the main hustle is letting you stay the night in the backyard casita with the hot tub and lotus flower mosaic tile for three hundred bucks a night. If you're lucky, they'll even throw in some longwinded cosmic wisdom, or gluten free artisanal palm reader unsolicited advice, for free around the campfire when you're just trying to have alone time with your spouse that you are paying Gandalf here all that touristy top dollar for. It's gotten to the point that when I see another dude with a backpack and a long ZZ Top beard and a vintage Airstream RV, or a chick with Lisa Bonet dreads and a gauzy hippie dress and bells around her ankles, unfolding a big canvass tepee on the yard, I go the other way. 

I can't stand the Trader Joe hipster capitalists, I been burned by 'em every time, or the self-appointed resident woke and scientific pseudo intellectual, on the corner of the main drag, preaching the gospel of CNN and espousing his holier than thou, "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" message of surrender, and hut two hut two assimilation. What the fuck is wrong with all these Urban Outfitted post AlternativeTM Halloween drugstore box costume rent-an-identity media suckers? Almost all of 'em are make-a-buck privilege havers, who inherited money for real estate and now, they wanna play off the grid Rainbow family, but with all the glamping, bourgeoise-pig luxuries of citified downtown day spa. Do I sound bitter? I never wanted to be a rock critic or reviewer of advantaged rich people products. I still hate yuppies, man. Even and especially the ones who've been showing up in the desert trying to impress me with their secret magic new age powers, expensive looking Timo Kaltio hats, and ridiculous, fawning worship of Jack White. Or Kamala Harris. Or whatever.

All I ever wanted, all I was really ever qualified to do, besides miserable in my hairnet and wet, bloody apron, alcoholic dishwashing, and destination record store salesman, was front a real rock ‘n’ roll band, but in my part of the world, there is nothing more obsolete. There are some brands still around who made it in the ‘70s or ‘80s, but with almost no original members. The punks who shared my point of view or core values all fucking died young, and the others joined the system, or went with really mediocre, but much better financed, tenth generation tedious, redundant rip-off, say nothing, come lately druggy karaoke Thunders tribute bands, that kinda shit. Gentrification-Retro, whatever you call that shit that everybody plays, but had no part in creating, or originating. I still wanna hear somebody with a point of view, their own unique get-down, to impart. Not another fucking cover band of a cover band, not another stripper with a producer, or Fauntleroy showbiz nephew who they made famous overnight by hiring in all the bells and whistles and fashion stylists. I hate hipster capitalism.

Lotsa people try to cover my songs and they got all the studio wizardry and for hire back-up musicians, but not much real emotion. I got real emotion but none of the bells and whistles, so here I am. Still searching, still in the struggle. I still believe my own unheard original songs are way more impactful than the rich kids who other people bought clothes for. Nowadays, I mostly walk, in circles. Until I get bone tired and eat and take some melatonin and try to sleep. What they call a dry drunk, feels like I was born to suffer, I won't join the end time cults, and I got nowhere to belong. The rich brunching hipster motherfuckers have always been so ceaselessly narcissistic and blinded by their own egomania, they actually expect me to applaud their efforts to purge poor people like myself and replace us with more born yesterday festival goer, techno-lovin' rich preppie, paid for platform, Ken doll iPhone motherfuckers. Who always move in, find out about the fuckin' Misfits or D-Generation, and suddenly try to dress like us. Fuck those people. The Hot-Topics and Whole Foodies ain’t my people. They're all pro war, too. 



Publishing information that is in the public interest is a cornerstone of media freedom," said Agnes Callamard, the secretary-general of Amnesty International. "Extraditing Julian Assange to face allegations of espionage for publishing classified information would set a dangerous precedent and leave journalists everywhere looking over their shoulders. 
The charges against Assange should never have been brought in the first place. It is not too late for the U.S. authorities to set things right and drop the charges," said Callamard. "In the meantime, given the politically motivated nature of the case and its grave implications for freedom of expression, the U.K. should refrain from representing the USA in any further appeals. -AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

Everyone's anti-war until the war propaganda starts. Nobody thinks of themselves as a warmonger, but then the spin machine gets going and before you know it they're spouting the slogans they've been programmed to spout and waving the flags the flags they've been programmed to wave and consenting to whatever the imperial war machine wants in that moment.

Virtually everyone will tell you they love peace and hate war when asked; war is the very worst thing in the world, and no healthy person relishes the thought of it. But when the rubber meets the road and it's time to oppose war and push for peace, those who'd previously proclaimed themselves "anti-war" are on the other side screaming for more weapons to be poured into a proxy war that their government deliberately provoked.

This is because the theory of being anti-war is very different from the practice. In theory people are just opposed to the idea of exploding other people for no good reason. In practice they're always hit with a very intense barrage of media messaging giving them what look like very good reasons why those people need exploding.

Being truly anti-war isn't easy. It doesn't look like people picture in their imaginations. It looks like getting smashed with a deluge of information designed to manipulate and confuse and working through it while getting screamed at by those who've fallen for the brainwashing. It's not cute. It's not fun. It's not the feel-good flower power time that people intuit it is when they look at the part of themselves that seeks peace. It's standing up against the most sophisticated propaganda machine that has ever existed while being offered every reason not to.

When people think of themselves as "anti-war", they're usually imagining themselves as anti- another Iraq war, or anti- some theoretical Hitler-like president starting a war because he likes killing people. They're not picturing the reality of what being anti-war actually is in practice.

Because selling the war to the public is a built-in component of all war strategy, the war will always look necessary from the mainstream perspective, and it won't look like those other wars which we now know in retrospect were mistakes. It's always designed to look appealing. There's never not going to be atrocity propaganda. There's never not going to be reasons fed to you selling this military intervention as special and completely necessary. That will be the case every single time, because that's how modern wars are packaged and presented.

This is why you'll always see a number of self-described leftists and anti-imperialists cheering for the latest US war project. They are ideologically opposed to the idea of war in theory, but the way it actually shows up in practice is always different from what they pictured.

Our entire civilization is shaped by domestic propaganda, but the only time you ever hear that word in mainstream discourse is when it's used to discuss the comparatively almost non-existent influence of Russian propaganda on our society. All the mainstream alarm ringing about Russian propaganda gives the impression that it comprises close to 100 percent of the total propaganda that westerners consume, when in reality it's a tiny fraction of one percent of the total propaganda that westerners consume. Almost all of it comes from western sources.

Propaganda is the single most overlooked and underappreciated aspect of our society. It has far more influence over how the public thinks, acts and votes than any of our official mechanisms for doing so, yet it's barely discussed, it isn't taught in schools, and even the best political ideologies barely touch on it relative to their other areas of focus.

All the fretting about Russian propaganda from establishment narrative managers comes so close to giving away their secret: that they know it's possible to manipulate the way the public thinks, acts and votes using media. They just don't admit that they're the ones who are doing this.

It's actually the weirdest thing in the world that there's something that has been directly affecting our minds our entire lives, and which directly affects the way our entire society is organized, but we don't talk about it constantly. It should be at the front and center of our attention.

But of course that's the whole idea. Propaganda only works on those who don't know they're being propagandized. The US-centralized empire's ability to hide its propaganda machine is a foundational element of its brilliance.

Being truly anti-war is necessarily a commitment to finding out not just what's true about all the war narratives currently promulgated by the imperial war machine, but all the narratives you've been fed about the world since you were young. It's a commitment to truth that takes on an almost spiritual quality in the way it informs every aspect of your life when truly espoused.

It's important to research and learn new things about the world, but what's equally important and which doesn't get emphasized nearly enough is the practice of examining the beliefs you already hold about your society, your government, your nation and your world. Inquiring as to whether they're really true, and who might benefit from your believing them.

Don't make the error of assuming you'll be aware and informed enough to spot all the lies right away. You're dealing with the single most advanced and powerful propaganda machine that has ever existed, and you've been marinating in its effects your entire life. It takes some time. Even the most aware among us were indoctrinated into the mainstream worldview to some extent earlier in their lives, and to this day most of the information they get about the world has some of its roots and branches in parts of the propaganda matrix.

It takes work to see things clearly enough to form a really truth-based worldview. But unless you do this it's impossible to be truly anti-war, because you can't skillfully oppose something you don't understand. To fight the imperial war machine is to fight the imperial propaganda machine. -Cait Johnstone


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I dunno about you, man, but I get sick and tired of this ruling class rulers rules-based order (ha ha ha) dystopian pot calling the kettle black, fascist gobbledygook we are hammered with by marketing strategists, false flag manipulations, and cyber-tech billionaire double talking slave jive. They been doing all kindsa different operations to lower the visibility of all long serving, well known, anti-war and human rights activists in the social media feeds, banning us from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. All my anti-war friends are always, always in Facebook jail for 30-90 days for supposedly violating their community standards by questioning the authority of known billionaire predators, deceivers, exploiters, predators, liars, murderous racist cops, torturers, droners, grifters, scam merchants, death profiteers, water poisoners, regime change mercenaries, and known war criminals. This latest sham of locking me back out of Fascist-Crack, again, and demanding I do more stupid human tricks for their surveillance tech empire when I don't even have an All-Seeing I-Phone is all too typical of the bullshit "it's not censorship if it's privately owned" college campus conditioning fauxgressive fake wokeness mantra dumbfuckery: obediently goosestepping off the cliff while holding a big ass Starbucks and believing they are special and entitled and earning golden merit with their virtuous privilege, titles, and good looks. No one is more vulnerable to believing balls out propaganda than management class, office professional, khaki clad gatekeeper, trains on time, special privilege, sensitivity-studies, identity by vicariously identifying suckers who love nothing more than a backstage pass and a feelgood whitewashing narrative suggesting they earned something with their obedient parroting of the latest thang slogan of the day.

I'll never forget how in the last town I lived in, the cops were strongarming all the poor people out of the legal reefer district to make sports tourists feel always safer and the entertainment weekly asked a business owner what they would like to see change in that town, her visionary-statement, and her response was, quote, "more hip-hop influenced murals" on the sides of local businesses. Not house the 3000 homeless people, not stop the roughneck class patrol gestapo tactics, but, "more hip-hop influenced murals" That's what rich people mean when they say woke.

I strongly suspect Zuck might be a robot. He does look dead-eyed with that perpetual, same one smirk like Data from “Star Trek”, but they're letting him buy Hawaii. I can't stand the authoritarian techlords. He has imperiously even decreed it is okay to call for violence on his monopoly platform against "Russians!", but not....Nazis? What does that tell you? I guess Zuck's handlers think they can behavior modify us into submission by locking us out of their stupid monopoly. They are wrong, myself, I've been locked out of rock ‘n’ roll for about twenty five years and it only radicalized my perspective more. I ain't joining the Avril Lavigne-Green Day applauders. This whole country is overrun by media sucker unreality show not-sees! Zuck also helped suppress the Hunter Biden scandal, pre-selection, that turned out to be absolutely true all, along. So don't tell me he's not part of the government.

We don't have real representation, just ruling class billionaires, who want even more power over our personal affairs, bank accounts, electronic communications, peaceful assemblies, healthcare, sex life, permission to travel, who lives and who dies, all of it. At Davos, they call us human beings useless eaters and hackable rats. Start researching Klaus Schwab, he's the protegee of Kissinger and he'll tell you, himself. It's not a theory. It's all available on public record. Every time these Davos Billionaire scumbags wanna fuck us little people over some more, they always insist they're doing it for our own security and protection. Kinda like the mafia. Protection racketeers. No thanks.




Before we even discuss what overpaid corporate warpig Brian Williams called "the beauty" of the empire's shock and awe destruction, nukes and rockets, tanks and guns, highly trained alphabet gangs, and secret technology and bioweapons and drones and slow-kill sanctions and poisoning the targeted population's air, food, medicine, and water, you know there has never been an all platforms 24-hours-a-day propaganda juggernaut like they have now, the mass scale of the psy-ops is incomprehensively gigantic. They are so adept at controlling the narrative so completely that even after mass murdering millions in Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, these shameless millionaires are strutting in front of cameras to be all smug and self-righteous and sanctimonious about it. Calling other people oligarchs and war criminals. AS IF...!!!! Our countrymen have never seen the human toll and mass casualties, of the Cheney/Obama wars just always the pomposity of all the self stroking "We Are The Champions" choreographed NFL spectacle and planes and fanfare and floats and fireworks and country music songs about "mah dadddy died fer that flag", and war criminals and paid killers on "Dancing With The Stars", all day, all night.

It used to be MTV rock music all day, all night, but not anymore. Bring back Hall & Oates and Men At Work and Pat Benatar. All is forgiven, yo. Now, it is only war and fear mongering, and always blaming every social ill on this week's chosen boogeyman scapegoat outsider. Seriously though, 9/11 was a whole lotta propagandizing, right? Then, Hillary's made to order, all the time "Russiagate', many before me have noted how the PlagueTM became the only story on the airwaves around the clock for two years. Time stopped and there was only Pfizer. Then, we saw all the unusually relentless hype and overkill the media did, for month after month, about Trump's blue lives matter MAGA march on the Capital, I mean that was over the top, you heard the media whore millionaires say the word "insurrection" one million times, but the Ukraine thing. I've never seen anything like it, just total media saturation wise on every channel, every column, nothing but the Zelensky super hero narrative.

Might as well pass out red, white, and blue pom-poms to the people I grew up with. They can't get enough of it. Gropey Joe as John Wayne. Co starring some other guy you never heard of four months ago but now seem to believe is the second most important person who ever lived after some patent holder, ole whatsisname. I don't believe the empire and I don't believe TV. I don't care much for Jada Pinkett Smith, or Will Smith, they are excessively privileged narcissists and set an uncivil example for folks.

 You know what? I really did love that socially conscious pop band, HELLO DISASTER outta Hollywood. They took out an expensive (by my standards) two page ad in Flipside years ago for a stellar EP called "Young & The Useless" with a fab Stiv Bators cover version, wrote perfect songs, had an unusually great vocalist, melodic guitar player, and an excellent lyricist. Then, they disappeared, but you can look for their "Native Son" video on YouTube.

Just felt like saying that again, cause I get sick of "their" fakeass celebrities who are selfish, and self obsessed, which makes you ugly on the inside, and suck. Also, 60 Ft. Dolls never got enough credit. "The Big 3", man, that CD was singalong inspirational to me! My celebrities are little known bands nobody's heard of like Richard Duguay and Pillbox. Couple little bands like Dr. Boogie and Juvenile Wrecks. That Dr. Boogie got some producer who makes 'em sound like the real fuckin' Faces or somethin'.

No live music comes to my town. Where I live, the oldsters are angry, hostile, kinda armed and dangerous and don't take too kindly to strangers comin' round these parts askin' questions with their weird clothing and city slicker ways. You can easily recognize the tourist outta towners from miles away. They are all smiles and happy to be gouged at the gas pumps and hotels and yup, yup yokel tourist traps, all the outta state gentrification travelers act like there is no war, no censorship, they got all that money, RV's like super yachts, moolah to burn and they can't wait to spend it, on bad tasting beer and overpriced crafts. Locals are nervous, already could not afford to buy essential shit before Murkkkan corporations raised all the prices by 30% and Just Blame Putin.

I intentionally ignore occult ritual bullshit like the Oscars and Grammys, but speaking of my own favorite silvery stars, there was a glamtastic power-pop band way back in the hairspray ‘80s, that were several cuts above that formulaic spandex Bon Jovi bullshit, called Electric Angels. Their frontman was pretty as a picture and copied all Mike Monroe's best moves dutifully, their drummer John Schubert and sensational songwriter bassist Jonathon Daniel had been in the bubblegum heart throbs, Candy and toured with Rick Springfield. Their guitar hero went on to play for Alice Cooper and hosts one of the best podcasts, "In The Trenches With" Ryan Roxie. They were real roxy rollers, man. Check out their songs on YouTube-perfect hits like, "The Drinking Song" and also, "True Love And Other Fairy tales"! I saw 'em play Axis in Boston way back when. Sadly, their underrated frontman Shane is struggling with frightening, horrifying health crises. He was honestly way better at fronting a glammish rock ‘n’ roll band than I ever was and I almost never think that.


Sundays always give me the blues, ya know. I can not stand the fuckin' hypno-screens and there ain't nowhere to go. Used to be record stores, bookstores, cool coffeehouses, printshops for making fliers, kooky niteries, let it all hang-out dive bars where you can be yourself, have some laughs, commune with other salt of the earth, blue collar people, see some crazy wild rock ‘n’ rollers get down, bodegas, after hours spots, art galleries, arcades, museums, rehearsal spaces where we could jam, but now, they are all either closed down in every town or...overran with you know, gentrification people. Not my scene.

I don't believe the TV, so right there, you can already imagine. Nothing in common with the Brunchers. White House spokeslady Jen Psaki cheerfully boasts to the consent-manufacturing fake reporters how wonderful it is that her propaganda partners over at Twitter and Facebook are obeying orders and blocking and shadow banning, limiting and prohibiting anyone off- script, to strictly control the mainstream narratives, and you know at least 30% of the country is like, "YAAAY! CENSORSHIP!" She's been promoted for her service to MSNBC.

It's real hot today, but I gotta get outta this dark room, hit the dusty trail. My camera is broken again so I can't really take pictures which is really my only hobby since I stopped knowing people who I was musically compatible with. My kid's here with me, he's also bored out of his mind, writing battle raps. Reminds me of me at that age. We set out on the soon to be demolished deer trail and walk about a half mile, find a stick. Start getting sand in our eyes from all that hot desert wind, retreat indoors to escape the escalating heat. Nothing at all to do in the dismally dormant, dead end ghost towns since the PlagueTM killed what few businesses still existed, like the bowling alley they used to have here. Print shop closed so there goes my idea of resuming production of fanzines or political satire one sheets. There's a dumb yuppie brewery for outta towners but you know it's like exactly one hipster business owner couple from outta state being cool with their cars and clothes, some crazy and mean old people, bitter-hateful old dudes who can't find women; the ville here is overwhelmingly old man, all of 'em drinking gnarly brown ales with silly names for $8 or $9 a glass. On the outskirts, way other side of town, too far too walk, there is also a bar about the size of your bathroom that serves real liquor, but that's where the meth heads and crackpots congregate and we don't go to places like that no more. Denny's. McDonald's. That's about it. Bread ‘n’ Breakfast owning, yoga-yuppies keep wanting something to happen here, but it's just not gonna. Some NYC millionaire bought the golf course, so they will keep trying, but it's a dead end desert. No man's land. Freezing cold all winter, extreme wind emergencies that knock everything down, and then, so suddenly....off the charts holy shit heat come April and crazy fucked-up floods from the monsoons. Mother Nature does her thing with a whole lotta drama and throws everything at us like a blackout drunken girl in some broken rosaries, but all us poor people just kinda sit in chairs, pay way too much attention to the birds of prey flying in circles, confused roosters, and all night feral cat fights. Stacking rocks is a big thing. We got a slingshot. We shoot pebbles into the river.

If you watch TV, you probably think "our problems" are all being caused by "PUTIN!", "the Parliamentarian", McConnell-gridlock, Sinema and Manchin, or some other boogeyman of monopoly owned media, but the fact is, the monopolies are the problem. Investigate Vanguard and Blackrock, they own it all, all of it, the whole shebang-the real estate, farmlands, media, weapons manufacturing and big pharma! You can verify this, easily. Also checkout Opensecrets. org to demonstrate who predominantly owns all the pretty tweeters who promised to advocate for the poor, but only ever obey the superrich. We are on the verge of a needless world war, possibly WW3 with nukes, mostly all masterminded by the Rand Corporation think tank when USA did the coup in Ukraine to strategically establish a forward moving base of operations against Moscow in 2014. In the next eight years from now. the secret society occultist psychopaths and trillionaire super creeps really do plan to cashless-microchip us all, but all my normie mainstream former associates are just chirping happily away about Will Smith and that dumb couple from "That 70's Show", who work for the CFR. I can't help the TV believers. I don't have much say in anything at all, but I do sometimes, wish I still had a rock ‘n’ roll band, because I do so still believe in the mystical, healing and redemptive powers of rock ‘n’ roll to shake people conscious and open hearts and unite the working class.


The Republikkans keep calling people like Pelosi, Biden, and Stacey Adams socialists and the radical left, but everybody on the left of the Clintons knows they all serve the exact same donors as most of the right, and always have: billionaire secret society sociopaths. I remember a shitlib telling me he was gonna hold Obama's feet to the fire once we got rid of Romney, but rather than any yuppies "pushing Biden left", they just blocked the real leftists. Gotta get back to  TV and mimosas and prescription pill gulping and shit having.

Signing autographs at the punk rawk nostalgia museum. Pig-Media incessantly repeats how there are no conspiracies, no billionaires conspiring in Switzerland secrecy, to enslave humanity under just a small cult of tyrannical one world government psychopaths and aspirant surveillance-capitalist, Kissinger cult, false gawds. Some of us cannot help but note how print media's been dead since '95, and only billionaire preferred narratives are allowed on the internet or television. All the stuff we used to do has been shutdown. There's just Amazon, Net-Flix, Fake-Book, bullshit cable tv, and now, they are finally, legalizing reefer in certain zipcodes so people will get stoned and dull-wittedly consume and parrot their tv lies, we got wag the dog wars, we're even more immobilized by greed-head gas prices, media distractions, nutsos playing chicken with nukes, people keep ignoring Vandanna Shiva when she warns what is happening to the farmland and the food supply, the regulatory agencies have been captured by 5 or 6 billionaires. No eviction moratorium, the people who were supposed to help you are busy insider trading, serving their corporate masters, riding around in private planes, gulp-gulp-gulping that Met Gala champagne, cause they care about the environment, right? Ha! Millions of people are houseless on the streets, and electric car owning shitlibs and so called "centrists" only care when the social engineers tell them they should be offended. We're all seeing Wal Mart prices have gone up about 30 percent since Gropey Joe took office. Whistle blower scientists, journalists, and everyday people truth tellers are being slandered and blacklisted. Jimmy Dore and Susan Sarandon are constantly attacked by the CNN establishment shitlibs.

Hillary surrogates are attacking Cait Johnstone. People like Jeremy Scahill, Colleen Rowley, Col. Ann Wright, Ray McGovern, Scott Ritter, John Kirakou, and other intelligence experts and former military veterans have been saying for a long time that the "Russiagate!" hysteria was being used to fan the flames of forever wars for more devil's chessboard landgrabs and weapons manufacturers profits Blackwater mercenary black ops and staged events, and creepy elites promoting one world government and a cashless society owned and operated by the usual suspects and their new school of eager beaver emptysuit Schwab schooled robot presidents. Nobody pays attention to Veterans For Peace or Code Pink or Black Alliance For Peace of the Answer Coalition folks because they are not on Net-Flix or Amazon Prime or phony baloney shitlib cable tv. People running Disney have gone off the rails into some dark shit. Notice how the awards shows left out ED ASNER? You know why? Lifelong socialist and 9/11 truth teller.


The real working class majority keep waking up, developing new relationships, organizing their neighborhoods and shunning Big 5 fake news. It's easy to see why the overpaid talking heads on cable are in a panic, most of us poor people abandoned those bullshit cable channels years ago,  cause we know they are vampiric, energy sapping bullshit propagandists for the super rich Gates and Murdoch, Epstein and Bezos of the world. Which is why the "Great Lockstep" goose step techlords are redoubling their efforts to control the dialog on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook. If you get kicked off Facbook's timesuck surveillance panopticon, reclaim your freedom. Read a book, go for a walk, talk to somebody, plant a garden. It's a good thing. Even taking a nap is a more worthwhile investment. All this shit's designed to keep you video-game occupied, so you will remain indifferent to the fascism and tyranny that has been rolled out incrementally all around you. They ain’t talkin' 'bout it on the TV, cause they are too busy conditioning you to worship always new false prophet, carefully cast, pre-scripted, unreality show, spray tanned, personal trainer having, faux-super-saviors, but while we're all compassion fatigued and sanctimoniously divided from debating some hyperbole over here, they are doing some other underhanded shit, over there. Like merging the DHS with the Department Of Commerce. The soldout, police state, bankster owned Democrats promised survival checks but only fund endless military spending and domestic spying on true community organizers and Big Brother resistors.

Man, the occultist freaks at the top of the pyramid even banned faithful blue no matter who ho-hum water carriers like Bill Moyers and Thom Hartmann!!! If you are an academic scientific scientist for science and like reading scientific journals and stuff, google Har6666 and start looking into Harari and Schwab's plans for the next 8 years. Those World Economic Forum dudes really do actually call us uninitiated holdouts and conscientious objector unspecials, quote,  "hackable rats". This is all verifiable from their own words, their own speeches. 'Makes your TV watcher family nervous when you talk about it, though.

All our lives we been trained to think we need to "identify" as "left" or "right". That's some sports shit the oligarchs use to divide and control us. The people at the top don't care what you believe in, or which tv station you stupidly trust or which whore political party you "identify" with. To them, the billionaires and oligarchs at the top, you are a "useless eater". On-script, or not. There's no real reward for boot licking. They taught you that if you suck up to authority hard enough, you can go to recess or some shit, earn a gold star. This is not true. No cookie is forthcoming. More likely human experimentation and a poke in the eye. Side of GMO Frankenfood, lab-meat, and some chemical shit that they know is harmful to humans. Everything's corrupt as fuck and it's hard to trudge forward through all the one percent billionaire slime and lies and non-stop pro-war brainwash noise.

So the only real positive note I can feel on the horizon is the imminent arrival of a new record by never say die rock ‘n’ roll king, Michael Monroe and his still smokin', all-star, white hot band of super hellions. Of course, somebody like me, I'll always miss Razzle and want the pricey book ever, ever so badly, and Andy, but I don't think he is allowed to travel due to old drug bust passport problems, and Nasty Suicide, who became a pharmacist back in Finland, but Mike and his cohorts continue to deliver right-on raunchy rock ‘n’ roll from the heart with lyrics that Stiv Bators would be proud of. That's about all there is that I know of in this world right now to look forward to. I don't have the full length record yet, but here is the single!! God Bless 'em.