chris welsh gofundme

Friends of Died Pretty drummer Chris Welsh have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for treatment for lung cancer.

Welsh, who lives and works in rural Thailand, has flown to Australia for treatment ahead of a series of shows with Died Pretty in October.

The band’s singer, Ron Peno, is still undergoing medical treatment after a diagnosis of esophageal cancer in February 2019.

Says fundraiser organiser and former bandmate Robbie Warren: “Chris's extraordinary talent has helped to make Died Pretty the iconic band we all know and love. Unfortunately, Chris has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, throwing his world and his loved ones into turmoil.

“Right now, Chris needs our support more than ever. Having dropped everything to return to Australia for urgent treatment, his initial lung cancer diagnosis lacks a biopsy leaving him very uncertain about the extent of the cancer.

“Chris is too humble to ask for help, so this fundraiser has been put together for us all to rally together and show our unwavering love and solidarity.”

Donate here.