tumbling heightsWelcome to the crazy world of acid trash/garage punk rock n roll  that’s populated by the wonderful Come ‘n Go.

They’re busting guitar strings and spitting out no bullshit licks, throwing a bit of Swiss chic punk around like there is no tomorrow. In short, this album is very good.

It’s on the Voodoo Rhythm label and production is handled by Markus Staehli (Roy and the Devils.) “Tumbling Heights” is the fourth offering from The Come ‘n Go, who formed in Biel/Bienne in Switzerland in 2001. These punks have had some line-up changes over the years, but seem to have settled on Marina (drums and vocals), Philippe (guitars and drums), Franz (guitar), Rob (bass), Alain (vocals, harmonica and keys) and Markus (noise.) Benu guests on guitar on “What It Is”.

Kicking off “Tumbling Heights” is the fabulous “Chateua Phoquoeupe” with guitar riffs, lead breaks and pounding bass galore. This just jumps out of the speakers. it’s an instant rock n roll classic, what a fantastic song to open with. Turn your stereo up to 11, people…it’s awesome.

“Attitude” is a Bad Brains cover and it’s what the title suggests: just a full-on punk-as fuck-rock song played as fast as fuck. It’s (again) wonderful – so keep those speakers turned up, people. But it just gets better. “Today Sometimes” is a Guitar Wolf-style tune (or some would say Ramones) with screaming vocals by Alain. He takes this song on a space trip. Man, can this dude sing/scream! It’s just another wonderful song.

“Yona’s Blues” takes an unexpected turn. It’s a seafaring/hayriding sing-a-long and it just makes you smile and dance and ,yes, sing-a -long. I love this album. It is party music and it’s fun.

“David Briggs Talk” and “We Go On” are Memphis style boogie and a homage to The Cramps. These two songs rock and are a pleasure to hear, while taking the album in a completely different direction. “I’ll Sing You A Song” falls out of the speakers with a sold acid/psych post-punk sound that’s wonderful. It’s trashy guitars, broken drums, busted keys with the vocals overlapping with noise from Markus.

“Lemmy” is also what the title suggests… a love song from the Come’n Go to the great Motorhead frontman. Big Motorhead guitar riffs with lovely lyrics pleading with Lemmy to hang around and keep touring , it’s a very nice song for the great man. R. I. P. Lemmy.

“What It Is” brings this rocking little album to a end with a Led Zep sounding acoustic number. It’s not a bad song, but for me it’s a disappointing way to end a fucking great record.

So people, keep them speakers turned up to 11 and enjoy some RAW-POWER-SPACE JUNKIE ACID-TRASH ROCK 'N' ROLL WITH A BIT OF MEMPHIS BOOGIE FUCKING WOOGIE sauce. This LP or CD will not disappoint. You may turn your speakers down now, if you choose.

Cheers from the farm.


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