aquarium sessionNever heard of ‘em. The call themselves ‘TRASH-COUNTRY-GARAGE & BLUES-PUNK’ which is … oh, for fuck’s sake, why can’t bands be a little more adventurous and just skip the fucking definitions?

Oh. Cos then audiences won’t know what they’re like, and instead of giving them a twist on Spotify, will skip on to Bachman Turner Overdrive or something equally vile. Also, of course, their name brings up a swag of completely irrelevant sites, so it’s almost impossible to find out anything about these buggers.

There’s six songs on here, they’re all bouncing, exciting, willy-waggling and botty-woggling in one form or another. Their style is not quite one thing nor another, they’ve developed their own strange and thrilling sound. Excellent. You can hear the St Bernard dogs whuffing off into the distance, and the sound of gnomes turning in their diamond-studded gold coffins.

Oh. And, if it makes any difference, which it doesn’t to me, they’re from Switzerland.

Get ‘em here.