moot loathingLoathing, Self And Others – Moot (self released)

They’re from Mid Coast New South Wales (that's be north of Newcastle) and this seven-song CD is as old school protopunk as you’re going to find in those parts - or almost anywhere else these days. Moot don’t tell it like it is as much as speak it as it should be. In other words, their language is straight-up, rocking and simple.

Record Collector Scum call this sound KBD (“Killed By Death”) after the ‘80s bootleg series of the same name that documented the burgeoning American punk scene. Most of it was uncompromising, politically charged and energetic, but with a sense of musicality. Moot has it nailed but they pack their punch in a variety of stylistic gloves and add a decent whack of Aussie sarcasm for good measure.

Moot’s clearly a band with diverse musical ideas. “Die Young” and “Bot Farm” are decent punk workouts propelled by sharp riffing and John Driese’s Jello-like vocal. “Economic Solutions”, however, detours sharply to take on a breezy Cuban feel that’s more Poindexter than Johansen. Lyrically, it’s Dead Kennedys all the way, with lines like “I know, let’s start a war”.

“Patient One” is a message about society’s many toxins straight from Corona Central and is so old school it has a drum solo from skins pounder Benjamin Copland. “Such if Life” takes its title from Ned Kelly and features  John Walker’s evocative guitar as its centrepiece, which nods heavily in the direction of Buck Dharma.

The 40-second “Too Punk” is just “Too Drunk To Fuck” with a raised middle finger.

East Coast Low’s Geoff Mullard has done a sterling job on production and the disc is available for a pittance on Bandcamp. The loathing will be all yours if you miss it.