witness to the crimeWitness To The Crime – Gunfire Dance (Easy Action)

If you loved the Damned, Thee Hypnotics, Bounty Hunters, and Lords Of The New Church, be sure to order this gorgeous Gunfire Dance vinyl album from Easy Action and play the motherfucker as loud as you can.

It is a posthumous compilation and a thing of real beauty, designed by Dave Twist with liner notes by yours humbly, and features some really beautiful, seldom seen photos of our UK lads from back in the day.


Gunfire Dance really knew how to get it on live and D-Generation even had a real hard time following 'em. USA, USA never produces bands this good because the whole culture is such a spiteful, jealous, and petty, backstabbing rat race; musicians find it hard to effectively collaborate, they don't play well with others. They are all more concerned with becoming overnight shortcut Tik Tok famous and building Brands than being bands. Buncha Donald Trumps with leather jackets, really.

Gunfire Dance was one of those exceptionally rare 1990s groups where everybody was a star, they were all pin-up pretty, had fantastic style, tore the stage up, drove all the glammy bombshells wild, played the hell out of their instruments, wrote good songs, had Brian James and Rat Scabies as their producers, put a 45 out on Jeff Dahl's label, generated a worldwide buzz, but never got the proper backing of the evil record industry in the grunge/alternative hour, which is an absolute crime, a cryin' fucking shame.

Gunfire Dance had the elusive stuff of rock ‘n’ roll genius and authenticity unheard since the days of the Jacobites and Hanoi Rocks and Dogs D'Amour and the Clash. I want the t shirt! Amazing band! (RIP ANT!)


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