cramped 50lgeCramped – 50LgE (self released)
This six-song EP from the New South Wales Far North Coast trio 50LgE (“50 Large”) with lineage derived from The Eastern Dark and the Psychotic Turnbuckles is as stylistically diverse as they come, swinging from swampy rock to garage rockers. 

“Cramped” is an unabashed lift from the early Cramps, not weird enough to rouse Bryan Gregory from his grave but obvious enough to send the message that 50LgE are big fans.  “White God” chalks up one for the atheists without getting out of second gear. 

“Did You No Wrong” is the Sex Pistols B-side with a fresh coat of paint. Drummer Geoff Milne lifts the tempo a touch and if 50LgE can’t match Rotten’s snarly delivery that’s no crime.

The creeping bass intro and chiming open chords of the lyric-less “E-music” shows a fine grasp of dynamics, but “White Noise” is the pick of the originals, a driving song where Tone Changer gets to show his guitar chops. “Whore Mutation” is an odd one, lyrically speaking, and is either social commentary or a massive fuck you to somebody. My money’s on the latter.

50LgE recorded “Cramped” in multiple studios with various sets of production hands being involved. Can’t help thinking what a decent budget, time on the studio clock and a guiding production hand would do for 50LgE.  

Available on streaming platforms or shake down the band via Bandcamp for a physical CD.