viva la revolutionViva La Revolution – Black Bombers (Easy Action)

A winner for all you Rock Action grinners and the ideal way to kick off 2024. From the ominous opener “No Pity” to the heavy and righteous cover of Bowie’s “Boys Keep Swinging” that closes out “Viva La Revolution”, this is rolled gold.

It’s also the second album from Birmingham, UK, outfit Black Bombers and a firm sonic step forward with the expansion of the core trio to a quartet. Newest guitarist Steve Crittall (The Godfathers, UK Subs) adds sonic variety and bite, and the production is first class.

There’s lots of history in the Black Bombers ranks and it's reflected in this record. Besides service in The Godfathers, bassist Darren "It Ended In Tears" Birch, was in UK sleaze rockers Gunfire Dance and a hired hand for ex-Heartbreaker Walter Lure and The Damned’s Brian James. Drummer Dave Twist played with Dave Kusworth, as did guitarist-vocalist Alan Byron.

Not normally a fan of phased guitar but it suits the expansive “Last Bite” to a tee. A Thundersesque guitar line similarly makes “Last Loose Lips” the Dolls-tinged killer it is. There's a well-honed engine room at work here and they make the emphatic “Pretty Boy” struts like a rooster on angry pills. Alan Byron wouldn’t qualify for his local church choir which is why he had to end up in rock and roll, and he spits out this one especially like it’s a bottle of bad cough mixture.  

“What Do You See” adds delicacy with chiming guitar-work and a wistful vocal. “The Price” brings things back to street-level with more withering Crittall guitar. 

It’s seriously hard to pick a high point but “Good Times Gone” is on the short list with its ragged melody line and Byron versus Crittall guitar weaving. At four-and-a-half minutes, it’s also the album’s longest song. 

The band's 2016 eponymous long-player, singles and EP were all self-recorded in the band’s rehearsal room. “Black Bombers upped the ante for Viva La Revolution” by installing Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind producer Alex McGowan behind the faders in his own Space Eko Studio in London. A capital decision. He's mainrtained the band's rawness, but has given it definition separation to enhance the parts of the sum 

You just know that comparisons are odious and your own reference points will vary, so go here and listen for free and then apply your own.

Once you’re done listening, the purchase link for 2024’s first great album is right here. Ever hear the term “no-brainer”?