billion-dollar-bumsTake the massive rhythm section of Fear and Loathing, add ex-Love Fever and Primevils’ David Mason on one guitar and the redoubtable Sean Tilmouth on the other guitar and you have a crunching, bowel-scouring rock band. 

The Bums were first put together a few years back by the late Renestair EJ; their first gig featured a rather heatstroked Ren beaning a startled Mr Tilmouth with the mic stand. Mr Tilmouth’s response to this was not, "I say, that’s a bit harsh, Ren old buddy". No.

Sean knocked Ren out cold, and floored him again when Ren got up and went for the cuddle of forgiveness. I’ve seen the video and this band owe me a new pair of underpants. 

Another time Ren got debagged onstage. I only meant to unzip him, you know, then Bad Bob came charging up with his evil cackle and down came the trews.

What’s it sound like? Can’t you guess? It’s pedal to the metal, revhead and metal gear solid, gottit? If you didn’t know these blokes you’d have to make ‘em up. The ‘70s are coming to get ya.

Okay the sound is a tad rough but, c’mon, it’s live-to-air in an Adelaide radio station.

The tracks are “Rock is Hard”, “Black JuJu”, “Cold Turkey”, “Go To Hell”. They’re all damn good versions – “Black JuJu” is like Black Sabbath with class, intelligence and panache. 

I’ve been told the band are taking a break. Come back and scare the children soon, chaps.

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