raw rampBirmingham’s Black Bombers follow their rough ’n’ tumble, rambunctious eponymous debut album and "Crazy" 45 with a Record Store Day single and it’s a totally righteous effort. 

A slinky bass-line and sultry vocal (that’s Rachel Mayfield in the duet, ex-delicious monster) give “Rush” a downright sexy feel.“You take my mind over the top/You make my senses stand up,” intones guitarist Alan Byron before the song’s consumed by a monstrous guitar break and a wave of horns. Sonically speaking, it’s simply spectacular.

Rachel’s back for more duetting on the glammy “Raw Ramp”, a cover of the T-Rex song that’s brimful of sinewy Marc Bolan chording and all but pouts at you from the turntable. As if you needed reminding, the “Electric Boogie” chant towards the end underlines where this one’s coming from. That saxophone outro is another stellar touch. 

Puts me in mind of Melbourne's Powerline Sneakers and like them, these old dogs could teach the young pups a few things. Don’t hesitate to track it down here