prehistoric douche45They might have started as a jokey Stooges tribute act playing Tuesday nights at Cherry Bar while their other bands were on hiatus but Melbourne’s Prehistoric Douche sound just like the sort of garage-surf monster that most underground rocvk and roll scenes need. Sydney could sure do with them. 

“Surfing Douche” starts out like a de-railed Lizard Train song, with a rumbling bottom end yielding to dual flick-knife guitars and banshee lyrics about going surfing. There’s a significant debt owed to the early Crusaders and The Freeloaders to these ears (your own results might vary) but whatever way you cut it, it’s seriously good. The ludicrous accapella Beach Boys breakdown just adds to the mayhem.

“Apex” is the A side (the band calls it a double B side single so take your pick) and is a well-honed rocker built on those guitars again and a strutting feel. It sounds a little Hellacopters with the foot off the tempo pedal, and it’s a total keeper. 

These douches aren’t peddling anything new, sonically speaking, but they’re right on the money. An album is in the pipeline and a four state Australian tour will keep them busy in August-September (details of which you'll find on their Facebook page). Ah, to live in Melbourne… 


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