ronnie-woodThey’ve discarded the keys and horns and are now going around live as a four-piece, but Sydney's Dunhill Blues have lost none of their musty garage charm. “Ronnie Wood” is a jagged guitar figure that's (as far we can make out) a homage to the wayward Stone. 

"Ronnie Wood" has a meat and potatoes sound with minimal overdubs and just some buried handclaps and female back-up vocals lightening the attack. Scrappy and fun.

Horns punctuate “Fuck The Clowns” with the spikey guitar and Adam’s strident vocal hitting home like a rowdy 3am drunk kicking a can down the street after tossing out time at the pub. (Which is not an inappropriate analogy; I’m pretty sure this was recorded in the well-oiled early hours after a Sydney gig supporting Chris Masuak.) Like the A side, it gets in, does its business and winds up in a tad over two minutes.

It's part of a limited run of 250 so get in fast. The pucrhcase link is below. 


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