ron brown 2019 top tenReleases and Gigs

1 “Open Season” – Mick Medew and the Mesmerisers
This abum is a must for any Screaming Tribesmen or Mesmerisers fan. Full of catchy tunes. My number-one easily.

2 Hits live
Hits played Collingwood/Melbourne. Never a dull moment when drinking beer with Dick (Rich) Richards

3 “Ann Arbor Revival Meeting” - Scott Morgan’s Powertrane
After having a shitty bootleg for years it’s great that this has finally been re-released on LP and CD.

4 Radio Birdman, The Stems, Los Chicos - The Croxton Band Room, Melbourne
What a line up of talent! The Stems’ sound was amazing, Best bit of the night thoughg was meeting legendary X singer Steve Lucas (pictured at right - hatless) and his lovely wife Joey.

5 The Johnnys – Memo, St Kilda.
The Johnnys are still the Cow Punk Kings of The World,

6 Mick Medew solo gigs (x2) in Melbourne.
Mick Medew solo is a musical experience that everyone should hear and with Penny Ikinger and Cassette Claire Burchall supporting, it was fabulous.

7 “Fast Freight” - Deniz Tek & The Godoys  
“Fast Freight” has Deniz back with those tattooing Godoy Brothers Dirty soundings album. Love it

8 “Address to the Nation” - Chris Masuak and the Viveiro Wave Riders
“Address To The Nation: is full of classic Klondike wit, charm and anger. This band just rocks.

9 “Black Leather Soul - Angus Khan
“Black Leather Soul” is a side project of Frank Myer (Streetwalking Cheetahs.) It’s a head-banging, foot-stomping hell of an album.

10 “La Banda En Espana” – Leadfinger
One fantastic mini LP from Stewart Cunningham and band. Viva!

Well folks, there you go. I only traveled around 6000km on public transport to support my bands and spent two months’ worth of food and alcohol on records. Hopefully I'm in a stronger financial position next year so l can do it some more.

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Ron Brown is a writer based in Dimboola, Vuctoria. He has a pet dog named CJ Ramone.