Dez Dare Australian Tour Expat Aussie fuzz 'n' beats rocker Dez Dare is returning home from the UK for shows to celebrate the release of his fourth album, "A Billion Goats. A Billion Sparks. Fin."

The media release is worth reproducing verbatim:

On past records Dare has fought beasts and beats alike, waging a fuzz war and tackling the biggest topics the world has to face; Doom scrolling, capitalist demagogues, a passionate dislike of the beach in summer. On this record he leaves the sardonic frustration behind for sarcastic existentialism, zeroing in on the big philosophical questions, and the pedantic shards of nonsense that make up our existence.

Piling up the synths, noise boxes and guitar pedals, Dez set about building a soundscape of noise and ideas around the nature of reality, time, and how we interact with them. From the music you would play in your last moments, to the reverse Darwinism of modern society, to arguing with time itself, and very boring people talking at you, all is covered here for the aspiring existentialist. 

Dez Dare is self-produced Darren Smallman (ex-Low Transit Industries, Warped, The Sound Platform) and he's three decades producing music, releasing and touring bands, and doing live sound. A product of the coastal Victorian city of Geelong,  he was introduced to the DIY punk and rock scene at 15.

Back to the media release:

Dez has joined forces with label titans God Unknown (Duke Garwood / James Johnston + Steve Gullick / KLÄMP / Oneida / Monster Magnet / Wellwater Conspiracy [Soundgarden + Monster Magnet]) and will be producing a deluxe version of the album on blob colour vinyl and includes a comic book illustrated by Mike Keane (fellow Geelong bloke!). In true nerd fashion the comic also features top 10s by Dez, Jason Stoll (God Unknown), Matthew Barnhart (Chicago Mastering Service), Mike Keane, and the album illustrator MALMALL.

Across the drone of noise and washed out guitars of the final track, ‘A Billion Voices Screaming, Hello Void!’, the chant repeats “We all return to where we begun…” which encapsulates the message that Dare delivers. We are all made from the same stardust and we all return to the universe that spat us out, we just need to enjoy the many shards of nonsense on that swift descent into the void.

"A Billion Goats. A Billion Sparks. Fin." is out now on God Unknown Records. Tickets and tunes are available from

Dez Dare Australian Tour
+ Future Tongues + Affordable Repayments
- 15 Medusa Bar,  Geelong
+ GRYTT (ex-Bored, Warped)
- 22 Gem Bar, Melbourne (arvo)
+ Robbie Thunder + Princess Unit
- 27 La La La's,  Wollongong, NSW
 + Robbie Thunder + Princess Unit + Euterpe + Demi
- 28 Kelly's on King, Sydney