pat jones 2023

1) I may be slightly biased but we've had some cracking gigs at the MoshPit this year, so rather than doing a 1 through 10 for MoshPit I'm combining them all here. 

Huge thanks to all the bands that have appeared on the MoshPit stage this year, too many to list all of them, but it'd be remiss of me not to mention our repeat bands who've continued to support us. Sorry if I do miss anyone:

Garry David, Beijing Bikini, The Owen Guns, Josh Shipton, Balkan Grill, Rubber Necker, The Neptune Power Federation, Seedy Jeezus, Tantichrist, The Strike Outs, Shark Arm, Hamrofest bands, Operation Ibis, The Dunhill Blues, Rah! Records Social Club, Looch Lewis, Handsome Young Strangers, Mark Horne, Dave Favours, Paul Berwick, Billy Puntton, Topnovil, The Limited, The Darrans, NFI, Douglas Park Riot, The Back Ups, Asaiah Riley, Terrficus, The Hot Ness, Victa, PK Stoltz, White Knuckle Fever, Los Monaros, The Baddies, Australian Beefweek Show, The Escapes, The Crankees, Crash and The Crapenters, Doctor Robot, Hekate, Cream Soda, Chris Masuak, Jupiter V, The Johnnys, Charlie Owen, Penny Ikinger, Goldfish Smarts, The Tinnies, Majestic XI, Slack Punks, Flowers for Jayne, WhatEva, Maggot Cave, Dole Bludga, Bunny Bear, Scum FU, Lojetz, Thee Cha Cha Chas, Vee Bees, NJ Edwards, Automatic Heroes, Nunchukka Superfly, Adriann, T-Rex Autopsy, Twinkling Stars, Dirty Mack, Cloud Surfers, Radio Rejects, The Rimmingtons, Loud Hailers, The Magician, Richard Chicken, Balko, Men From Uncle, Sarah McLeod, Thundabox, Fleetwood Meth, Uptown Top Ranking,

Thanks to all the bands and performers that have appeared in our band competitions and Open Mics throughout the year and of course our bar staff, sound engineers and band bookers who make it all possible - Gary, Finlay, Alex, Mack, Scout, Ellie, Gus, Riley, Bob, Nathan, Shannon, Phil, Thomas, Zac and Adrian. What a brilliant year it's been, looking forward to doing it all again in 2024.

MoshPit Photo Dec 23

2) Interpol (with Bloc Party) at the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 
I've been waiting YEARS to see Interpol and they did not disappoint. I normally prefer smaller venues but the sound was fantastic and they put on a great show. Stll buzzing more than a month later. Bloc Party on the other hand were a bit of a disappointment but I didn't go to see them.

3) The Stranglers at the Metro Theatre, Sydney 
Show my true old fartiness this was one gig I had to get to. There may be only one original member left standing (Jean-Jacques Burnel) but all the songs were spot on. This show was full of old favourites and took me back to my mis-spent yoof.

4) King Stingray at the Manning Bar, Sydney
Wow, what a show. The place was pumping, everyone was jumping and the whole place was just one big sweaty mess when it finished. Truly kicking myself we didn't catch these guys when they were starting out playing to smaller rooms.

5) Bad Manners at the Manning Bar, Sydney
The fact that Buster Bloodvessel is still touring all over the world despite keeling over on stage over 20 years ago is a miracle. He's the only original member of Bad Manners and this was another "best of" show which the crowd (including me) loved. He also has the biggest tongue I've ever seen on any human being.

6) Shaggin' Waggon at the Marrickville Bowlo, Sydney
Definitely not a "best of" there was some pretty left field song choices for this one but there's always a good time at the Marrickville Bowlo, especially on New Year’s Day when you're nursing a hangover and bumping into people you haven't seen for years in some cases. Top afternoon.

7) Sunnyboys at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney
This was the Sunnyboys' final show. The end of an era which I wasn't really here to appreciate so ‘nuf said.

8) Melbourne Ska Orchestra at the Factory Theatre, Sydney
Just a really fun evening with some top musos, I think there were 26 people on stage at one point but everyone had a role and they all knew exactly what their role was. Touching tribute to Terry Hall as well. What a blast.

9) The Wailers at the Manning Bar, Sydney
Another fun gig with all the old favourites. Wish I'd got to see them with the frontman.

10) Ron S. Peno and the Superstitions at the Marrickville Bowlo, Sydney
This gig was in November 2022 but it's made my 2023 list as I didn't do a top 10 in 2022 and this gig is worthy of a mention. A sold-out Bowlo got to experience something very special, and none of us knew it would be the last time Ron Peno played in Sydney.

Visit MoshPit at 642A King St, Erskineville in Sydney. You'll find its Facebook here.