Tommys Tramway LiveThe Tommys at The Tramway Hotel in the day. Robert Lastdrager (drums), Ollie Laurie (guitar) and Jonathan ‘Ike’ Lickliter (bass.)

The Tommys - The Old Bar Fitzroy on Sunday January 14 2024 
We played our last gig at the Old Bar in Fitzroy in December 2003. Our first reunion rehearsal early December was a cachopany of muscle memory gone wrong. Now we’re sounding loose and mean. Like being 18 again, “Oh the humanity”.

Chloe Cox aka Sorry Jimi
Fabulous singer, songwriter, guitarist who moved to Melbourne a few years ago from QLD to kick start her rock and roll journey.

The Green Mist - Shotkickers, Thornbury, Melbourne
A great, raucous winters evening of Rock and Roll.

Low Life - Luc Sante
A wonderful historical portrait of New York City about New Yorkers who started at the bottom and stayed there.

Question 7 - Richard Flanagan

Started Out Just Drinking Beer - Stu Lloyd
Entertaining read about the early Sydney days of the Mentals.

Don’t Tell Anybody The Secrets - Lucinda Williams (biography)

Stories From a Rock and Roll Heart - Lucinda Williams (album)

Louise Bourgeois - Has the Day invaded the Night, or Has the Night invaded the Day. Art Gallery of NSW
An old mate in Sydney offered me his house while he was OS for the final week of 2023. Been a long time between drinks. Loved the pubs, ferries and galleries.

10. John Dowler’s Vanity Project - Union Hotel, Brunswick
Great show, great voice.

RIP Patrick Emery – Thanks for all the great reads.