boondall boys

  • dangermen launchBrisbane garage mainstays The Dangermen have been scoring airplay for their most recent single "Wrong Train Home" all over the globe, but it's an 18-year-old record from their past that's occupying their time this weekend.

    Swashbuckling Hobo Records is releasing their 2006 CD album “The Dark Place” on vinyl for the first time. It was originally out on CD on fellow Brisbane label MereNoise, in 2008. The LP version features artwork by Rick Chesshire.

    The DangerMen will launch the vinyl edition in style at The Cave Inn in Brisbane this Saturday, supported by Eyes Ninety, The Busymen and Boondall Boys. Doors are at 7pm and it's onloy $15 so be early.

    If you can't or don't make it, the record is available here.

  • ich bin ein esel foldoutNearly six years after it came out on vinyl, French label Pitshark has re-issued this unpolished gem from deepest, darkest Brisbane on CD in a fold-out seven-inch single pack.

    Back then we opined that "Why?" was "equal parts wrecking ball guitar, sledgehammer bass and drums and can't-give-a-fuck punk slop" and there's no reason to resile from that.

    We also said that "Ich Bin Ein Esel ("I Am An Ass") will sit you on your arse quicker than a six-pack of Coopers Pale Ale drunk through a straw on a stinking hot day", so if the rest of this lazy review reads like you've heard it all before, then you have...