flowers for jayne

  • my craft coverThe Ides Of March are almost upon us. It's a time of uncertainty across the universe, so Sydney band Flowers For Jayne have conjured an anthem with a message to help you find yourself again and breakout into song, chanting: "I look back to my past. I'm still practicing my craft!"

    This is the lyric clip’s online debut. You can order a digital or physical copy of the song or the EP on which it can be found here.

    Vocalist, guitarist and composer Jayne Murphy (ex-Lime Spiders) says: "I've stirred deep into life's caldron and drawn out the essence of my personal connection with the universe in this catchy, punchy and racy anthem which evokes feelings of entrapment, liberation and reflection. Make it your connection too!" 

    Flowers For Jayne are Jayne Murphy, Kevin Riddle (bass), Peter Timmerman (drums) and Stuart Wilson (percussion). It was recorded by Stuart Wilson at Stu Stu Studio in Marrickville NSW, mixed by Anton Hagop at A-Side Productions and mastered by Ernie O at his Urban Fringe Compound in Victoria,

  • dangerous woman cvrDangerous Woman – Flowers For Jayne (self released)

    Guitars are unfashionable, ergo Sydney’s Flowers For Jayne will never be musical flavour of the month with contemporary tastemakers or scenesters. And that’s fine. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not one of those people anyway. You think R&B is Stax or Motown 45s and hip hop is nothing more than softcore aural wallpaper.

    Drums, bass and guitar (turned up loud) with a voice somewhere in the middle is a timeless configuration. Flowers For Jayne is a classic “power trio” - both in the heavy sense of the term and for having a keen sense of dynamics.

    The band is the vehicle for vocalist-guitarist Jayne Murphy, former Lime Spiders member and woman about Sydney town, and she’s joined by ace rhythm section Jess Ciampa (drums in Bernie Hayes Quartet, The Nature Strip, Dog Trumpet, Jeff Duff Band, Smelly Tongues and others) and Phil Hall(Sardine v, Dropbears, The 68 Comeback, Lime Spiders, Flaming Hands, Matt Finish, Roddy Ray'Da & The Surfin' Caesars).

  • in the keepIn The Keep - Flowers for Jayne (self released)

    Flowers for Jayne have been floating around for the last for a couple of years with their melodic power-pop blended with James Williamson-style, blazing guitar shredding. 

    The band is led by ex-Lime SpiderJayne Murphy, whose background from Sydney’s western suburbs carried with it a staple diet of KISS, Cheap Trick and the cooler sounds of Australian indie- noisy guitar greatness.

    Jayne has one part of the pedigree of a great rock ‘n’ roller – she’s an outsider with her own personal tribulations behind her.  She has always relied on music to keep going. 

  • You're Not What I'm Looking For - Flowers for Jayne (Glowing Ember Records)

    So what is it? "You're Not What I'm Looking For" is classic tough power pop with a dead-set groove you can light a fire with.

    So. I know nothing about Flowers from Jayne except the name and the members have "form", as The Truth newspaper used to say of "colourful racing identities". Lead guitarist Jayne Murphy played in the Lime Spiders (presumably there are one or two similarly "colourful" stories to be told there), bass player Bill Gibson is a familiar figure from The Eastern Dark, and drummer Jess Ciampa can boast being in the Jeff Duff Band and Monsieur Camembert. 

    These folks know what they're doing.

  • We're living in dangerous and uncertain times. One thing you can be certain about is Sydney band Flowers For Jayne's new single “Dangerous Woman” packs a punch. Former Lime Spiders members Jayne Murphy and Phil Hall teamed with renowned Australian drummer Jess Ciampa to form one of Sydney's more formidable power trios.

    Their video for the song makes its premiere via The I-94 Bar at 3.45pm (AEST) on August 3. You can view it here, or register for the Facebook event and receive a reminder when it goes live. "Dangerous Woman" will be available as a download or stream across all platforms.

    Lifted from their soon to be released Flower for Jayne album, “Dangerous Woman” could be described as the new generation of power anthems. Mixed by ARIA award winning engineer Anton Hagop, the fuse is already lit before the band ignites into explosive sounds reminiscent of the 70's British rock invasion.Catchy pop melodies driven by a raw and raunchy soundscape, deliver a message that “Dangerous Woman” will be a favourite for listeners across generations.