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  • new originals 

    Last drinks beckon for the many devoted followers of inner-western Sydney institution John Kennedy and his band The New Originals. Kennedy is poised to say adios to Australia this month and relocate to Spain. 

    Coming off the back of an incredible run of six albums in as many years, he'll play his final Australian show for the forseeable future at Marrickville Bowling Club in Sydney on Saturday, May 13.

    Along for the final ride are New Originals bandmates Peter Timmerman on drums, bassist Phil Hall and Murray Cook and Matt Galvin on guitars, Kennedy will be performing a career-spanning set with songs from his bands JFK and the Cuban Crisis, John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong and John Kennedy's 68 Comeback Special.
    The Urban and Western music hits will be featured along with song from the new John Kennedy And The New Originals album.

    Joining Kennedy will be special guests Joeys Coop (featuring Brett Myers of Died Pretty and Mark Roxburgh of Decline Of The Reptiles), and mostly girl garage-pop sensations The Jane Does. Tickets are moving fast here.

  • green igIt’s a bill to have fans of lysergic acid punk reaching into the cupboard for their paisley shirts and Cuban heeled boots, when the Green Spiders pair with old school punks Moot and garage throwbacks The Jane Does at Marrickville Bowling Club on Friday, February 24.

    The Green Spiders come from the DNA of the Lime Spiders, Adolphus and The Most – all staples of the Strawberry Hills-Sydney Trade Union Club circuit in Sydney in the early ‘80s. They play the songs of the Lime Spiders that Green Spiders members penned.

    Lime Spiders members Ged Corben (guitar), Tony Bambach (bass) and Tom Corben (drums) are joined by Ripley Hood (Mushroom Planet) on vocals to deliver a potent parade of hard rock and ‘60s punk gems.