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    The newest band for former Radio Birdman guitarist Chris Masuak, Los Revelators, were born in a garage behind the ancient Roman walls of Lugo in Galicia and raised on a diet of scratchy seven-inch singles. 

    With members from three continents, Los Revlators are a band with international bloodlines and bound by a shared love for hard-edged ‘60s and ‘70s rock and roll. They play it hard and fast, churning out mostly original songs steeped in psychedelia,   surf, garage rock and punk and laced with intricate guitar and the unmistakable tones of a Hammond organ.

    The debut EP "Revelation" is available here.

  • los revelators epRevelation – Los Revelators (Los Revelators)

    Kamloops? Sounds like what a car mechanic has for breakfast, right?

    Nope. It is, in fact, a place. In Canadaaaa!

    Placenamesa? Australia has a few beauties: Grong Grong, Iron Knob, Woy Woy, Sydney. 

    But, I mean, Canada, right? They really know how to give a town a name, don't they?