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    News that a long-lost five-track release by Sydney band The Most was making its way onto streaming platforms has made the ears of veterans of Australia's 1980s underground scene prick up. The Most were among many terrific acts in a crowded inner-city Sydney scene, and a band that spawned future members of the Lime Spiders and The Cruel Sea.  

    Originally issued as a cassette in very limited quantities by fanzine "48 Crash", the "Another Day" EP is now available online, so we tracked down The Most drummer RICHARD LAWSON to extract some historical details. THE BARMAN did the interrogating. 

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    Another cache of gems has emerged from the mists of time that obscure the 1980s Australian underground music scene: The back catalogue of Sydney’s Grooveyard have been posthumously re-released.
    Hindsight shows The Grooveyard was something of a supergroup. At various times, its ranks included future Paul Kelly and Messengers, Chinless Elite and Hell To Pay member Jon Schofield, Lime Spidersdrummer Richard Lawson, ex-Razar member and future Screaming Tribesmen Bob Wackley, Geoff Rhoe (ex-Minuteman), Ian Little (Bambalams) and Sean Maguire (ex-Minuteman).

     Swimming against the Detroit tide that was gripping most of Sydney, Grooveyard peddled a distinctive and stunning brand of ‘60s-influenced powerpop and issued the Chris Masuak-produced “Avalanche of Love” single (1984) and 12-inch EP (“Grooveyard”, 1989). All tracks are rolling out on digital platforms from today..

  • the most coverLong-lost inner-Sydney pop-psych band The Most - whose members went on to major acts like the Lime Spiders and The Cruel Sea – is rising from the grave, digitally.  

    The early '80s band is remastering and releasing the EP “Another Day” this  month. It will be available on all platforms later this month.

    A staple of Sydney’s thriving inner-city scene, they supported such bands as Sunnyboys, The Church and Machinations and were finalists in the 1982 Battle of the Bands at the Strawberry Hills Hotel - eventually won by The Lime Spiders. 

    The Most recorded “Another Day” in 1982 and it was the first foray into the studio. Nevertheless, the recordings have a maturity about them, and Steve Lorkin from “48 Crash” fanzine was impressed enbough to issue it on cassette in ‘83. 

    Driven by the song-writing talents of vocalist Phil Thornton, the songs show influences as diverse as David Bowie,Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones

    Other members of The Most were Richard Lawson (drums and vocals), Ged Corben (lead guitar), Tony Bambach(bass) and Greg Owens (guitar).