ronny dap

  • ssd resurrectedResurrected – SSD (self released)

    Based out of Hervey Bay in Queensland, SSD played every bar they could fine in the 1980s. They toured constantly, playing a mix of covers and some originals until way too much alcohol - and life - got in the way. So they decided to call time on the band…but not their friendship.

    Fast-forward to 2023: SSD’s former members all found themselves living in good old Melbourne town - so why not record those originals that were written so long ago? Thank fuck they did because this six pack of tunes is a blast from start to finish.

  • delusionallyHe’s not a household name (yet) but don’t let that stop you. Ronny Dap is the self-styled King of Aussie Pub Rock DIY, a minstrel for those who wish their weekend trip to Bunnings was for guitar strings and not Ozito home-brand power tools that fall apart, shoddy customer service and a cheap sausage sandwich.

    Yobbos. We’ve had a few. For those playing along at home overseas and not familiar with everyday Australian vernacular, Yobbo is the term for “a heavy drinker, who places mateship above all else and lives for those wild memorable moments that are unforgettable”. According to the authoritative Urban Dictionary, anyway.

    From Billy Thorpe to the Cosmic Psychos, yobbos have been part of the musical and cultural fabric –the cut of the cloth being comfy jeans and a blue singlet. Turn up your nose if you must, but disdain for the upper crust, accompanied by larrikin behaviour, pre-dates Oz rock and roll by a long way. It’s probably one of the few defining national characteristics most of us can agree on.

  • bungalow rockBungalow Rock - Ronny Dap (self released)

    Listen up I-94 Barflies - there's a new era of music taking hold in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. It combines dirty rock 'n' roll mixed with old school English punk rock, sung and played by an Australian with no regards to what anyone thinks...

    Expiain? Well, it's called Bungalow Rock. A brilliant name, if I do say so myself, and this music was recorded - in isolation - in a suburban bungalow-cum-recording studio and in a rented home's backyard.

    Our man Ronny Dap from Melbourne has released this, his second album in 12 months, as the follow-up to the glorious "Root Shoot or Electrocute". If the name is ringing bells, Ronny Dap was the brains behind the punk band The Dope Smoking Morons as well as many others over the past 30 years. He plays everything on "Bungalow Rock".

  • rip shit or bustRip Shit or Bust - S.S.D. (self released)

    Hello I-94 Barflies, hope you’re all well. “Rip Shit Or Bust” is the new four-song EP from Queensland underground punk rockers SSD. With members all over the country, it took a bit of time to follow-up the excellent “Resurrected” EP. 

    “Rip Shit or Bust” just grooves. It really is a strong effort.