ville valo

  • full moon flower band liveFULL FLOWER MOON BAND 
    (and VILLE VALO)  
    Metro Social Club, Sydney
    Saturday 16 March, 2024
    Photos by DIGBY FROG

    Brisbane's Full Flower Moon Band is one of the best, and most inventive bands in Australia; simply put they’ll lift the hairs on your arm. Bold statement, but true. The reasons why will be clear if you read on.

    It’s a Saturday night. It’s raining, I am standing at the bus top, irritated and looking at the timetable. Damn, the bus is late again and I’m going to miss the connecting ferry.  Fuck privatisation. It has turned the local bus service to shit.

    Approaching is a cool rock ‘n’ roll couple who look about my age, one of them wearing a Chimers T-shirt (a rarity in my part of the world.)

    We strike up a conversation about the appalling bus service as they have walked from another stop after giving up waiting for a bus that will never arrive.