evil dick industries

Evil Dick Enterprises is the latest incarnation for Evil Dick, formerly of Strutter, the Aampirellas and currently the frontman for one of Australia’s best-loved bands, HITS. While HITS remain a sporadic going concern (you couldn’t kill that band with an axe), Evil Dick Enterprises launched as Richard’s official side project on New Year's Day 2020.

Evil Dick’s “plan” is to make music outside the framework of HITS and the first project is a digital single, half the proceeds of which are being donated to Rural Fire Services in the wake of Australia’s devastating summer bushfires.

“I Hope That No-One Knows” is a haunting, ethereal debut that you can hear and grab with its B side, “Lovecats”, at Evil Dick Industries’ Bandcamp siteHere’s what various people are saying about it:

Penny Ikinger (Wet Taxis and prolific solo artist): " ‘I hope that no-one knows’ is haunting and evocative. I can almost feel some kind of pull into an antiquated summer picnic at Hanging Rock, or somewhere deep in The Australian Bush. Wherever it is, Evil Dick is forging an artistic path into new, previously unchartered territory. SUPERB!”

Rusty Hopkinson (You Am I, Radio Birdman): “At some alternate point in history it would seem Robert Smith was kidnapped by Stu Spasm and forced to jam at gunpoint with Lubricated Goat. At least this is the scenario presented by Evil Dick Industries on this fabulous debut single.”

Richie from Tumbleweed: ““Evil Dick is always magnificently surprising, 'I hope that no one knows' is another unexpected and wonderful angle from Evil Dick. A haunting and alluring horn line echos through a sparse landscape. It’s moody, a little unsettling and beautiful.”

Chris Converse from 4RRR: "Moody, atmospheric. This song wouldn't be out of place in an old western film. Just what we love about Evil Dick"

Richard’s Mum: "Can you please turn that down?"

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