One of Australia's finest power-pop bands, Melbourne's Little Murders, are the subject of a forthcoming documentary but the project needs an injection of fan funds to push it over the finishing line.

Director-producer Matt Wilson has been documenting the history of Little Murders and its founding and sole continual member Rob Griffiths. "Little Murders - 40 years on the smell of an oily rag" has a funding target of $6000 and is 40 percent of the way to the goal.

"In our ageist society it's rare that a musician in his 60's can maintain what is essentially a pop band and bring it to a level allowing a tour in Japan in 2019," Wilson writes.

"The film documents the history of the band, starting in the late 70's Melbourne through to present day with an emphasis on how Rob Griffiths has maintained his passion and, how in practical terms, he's been able to continue. It explores the universal theme of never giving up no matter what your age is."

LIttle Murders chalked up 40 years in 2019 and released one of their best albums to date in "Dromana-rama" while Griffiths also plays in a reincarnation of his '70s punk band The Fiction. You can get behind the film project by making a donation here.