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Ian Krahe, original guitarist for seminal Australian underground legends X, left the planet in 1978 but his influence is still being felt. A celebration of his 65th birthday is being organised at Sydney’s Crowbar on Sunday, September 25, from 7pm. Tickets are selling here.

Current member of X, Geof Holmes, and friends will play songs by Evil Roomers, which was the original band for himself, Krahe, drummer Ed Fisher and bassist Ian Rilen. Holmes will be on guitar, joined by Jim Dickson (The Survivors, New Christs, Radio Birdman) on bass, John Butler (X) on drums and Ian Krahe’s nephew Luke Edwards, also on guitar. Slack Punks are supporting.

“We’ll be playing music Ian left behind when he died tragically in May 1978,” Geof explains. “You’ll hear some songs he wrote while in X. Unfortunately, Steve Lucas can’t be there so they will be our versions, with material from Ian’s earlier musical adventures with me in Evil Roomers.

“Evil Roomers is a mystery to most; a lot has been said about this band, not much of it even remotely accurate. The name came from living in shared houses, where some of our ‘guests’ were decidely iffy.

“The music was the result of the five years of work Ian and I put in, inventing our own distinct guitar style, learning to play together through high school. ‘Weaving’ as Keef likes to call it.

“I met a drummer - Ed Fisher - and he introduced Ian Rilen. This four piece with Krahe and Holmes roared mercilessly until Ed resigned in October of 1977. I walked out soon after leaving a lot of riffs and my musical heart and soul behind me, the band was suffocating in the drug scene around it.

“The juggernaut though, was rolling and unstoppable. The two Ians built X from the foundations of Evil Roomers.”

Holmes adds: “This night is about remembering Ian and his music rather than any band, for me he was one of the most influential and innovative guitar players of his generation. I hope you can join us, his family and friends. It’ll be quite different from anything you’ve heard before and not to be missed.”