gurus-earlyThe "Stoneage Romeos" line-up of the Hoodoo Gurus will reunite for this year's Splendour In The Grass festival in Byron Bay on Friday, July 25.

Clyde Bramley and James Baker, original members of the Hoodoo Gurus - post the bass-less line-up which went under the name Le Hoodoo Gurus - will join the band for part of the bracket.

Vocalist Dave Faulkner explains: "In 1984 we released our first album, 'Stoneage Romeos', and it wasn't long after that our drummer James Baker left the band under somewhat acrimonious circumstances.

"Clyde Bramley, the bass guitarist on 'Stoneage', left the band shortly after we completed touring for our third album ('Blow Your Cool').

"For Splendour we are going to be reuniting that line-up for the first time since 1984. The show will start with the 'Stoneage...' line-up and then Mark (Kingsmill) will replace James to play some songs from 'Mars...' and 'Blow Your Cool'.

"Rick (Grossman) will then take over bass from Clyde for selected highlights of the current line-up (unchanged since 1988) before Clyde and James rejoin us onstage for an all-in finale: two drum kits, two basses, two guitars - what a racket!

"It'll be an historic re-enactment of our evolution through song - plus it marks a welcome return of two key members from our early days."

It's a event to take you back to the Stoneage and is enough to make you Blow Your Cool. Ouch!