mummiesThe Mummies need no introduction as one of the loudest stupidest most deranged bands on the planet and have been destroying lives, limbs and guitars worldwide since 1989. They’re visiting Melbourne and Adelaide for one week only - and now Sydney gets its chance.

Thursday, March 10 is the date and the venue is Hermanns Bar at Sydney University.

They’ll be joined by Psychotic Turnbuckles and Los Tones.

Tickets won’t last long and went on sale today here. It will sell out.

Why? These bandaged kooks are possibly one of the most legendary Punk/Garage bands on the planet. The Mummies originated the ‘Budget rock sound’ told SUB POP where to get off and now they will blow you a new hole right between those useless eardrums of yours.

The Mummies define what was to be a world-wide revolution of retardo rock and sloped-head slop that erupted in the late '80s and early ’90s, spawning so many bands you can’t even start to name them all.

You can rope in most of the riot girl movement, Beat Man, King Khan, and any of the hundreds of non corporate punk garage combos that are still wrecking guitars worldwide today.

The Mummies etched their way with a fistful of rarer than hens-nuts 45s of their own two-minute lo-fi masterpieces like “Food, Sickles & Girls’” “I’m Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight” and “Fight to live (on the Planet of the Apes)” plus barnyard classics such as “Zip A Dee Doo Dah” and “Stronger Than Dirt”.

England had Thee Mighty Caesars headed by cantankerous genius Billy Childish. America had The Mummies. Headed by the guy in the Mummy costume with the three other Mummies. Billy Childish said The Mummies was the only garage band he really liked.

The Mummies consist of Trent Ruane on organ and vocals, Larry Winther on guitar, Mazz Kattuah on bass and Russell Quan on drums. Their DIY approach spans their home-made costumes much of their equipment (the bits that worked), their transport (a daubed upon Pontiac ambulance or their epitomous mini bikes.

Their desire to remain anonymous was in keeping with their disdain for stardom, fame and selling out to The Man.

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