get old cvrGet Old – The Holy Soul (self released)

There’s undoubtedly some self-effacing irony in the title of the fourth long-player by Sydney veterans The Holy Soul. Ageing is an inevitability and these guys (and gal) have been around since the early 2000s, coalescing in a shed in the suburban outskirts before establishing a base in the creative oasis of the inner-west.

Since then they’ve collaborated with the likes of Damo Suzuki (Can), David Thomas (Pere Ubu) and Robyn Hitchcock (The Soft Boys), the latter an adopted Aussie who produced this while on one of his extended stays in Sydney.

“Get Old” contains The Holy Soul’s trademark interlocking guitars and throbbing rhythm section, and typically dodges easy categorisation. There’s a touch of jangle, some bluesy swagger and a large slice of glam.

There’s much to absorb on “Get Old”, not the least being the lyrics from Trent Marsden, which producer Hitchcock has declared to be “dystopian” and who’s to argue?

“747” was the lead-off single and it chimes agreeably on the back of an urgent bass-line and some searing guitar. “Fine By Tuesday” veers into Dave Faulkner territory with its introspection.

Things really kick into gear on the discordant “Said Too Much Already”, the final song in the first side of the LP. Marsden’s vocal takes on a foreboding edge, stalking the melody as his and Jon Hunter’s guitars take on a visceral edge.

“I Am Chemical Compound” recalls The Church in their less produced moments, while “Bermuda” ropes in Marc Bolan for tea and schnapps by the Victoria Park Pool.

“Bench” creeps up from behind before emerging into full view. Drummer Kate Wilson is a bit of an unsung hero here, nailing an understated but deft feel so Marsden and Hunter can paint their sonic palette.

A couple of the most intriguing moments barely pass the two-minute mark: “D Glass” is an unruly, nagging rocker wrapped around the “Something you can’t discuss. Final song lyric. “Weird Concept” ignores a false start to deploy some sweet guitars. It’s an esoteric note to end on but fitting, too.


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