measuring-hadronFlashback: I remember the first time I heard REM. Paul had just bought their first LP and we sat in his little bedroom, listening with something akin to amazement.

Now, I mention REM’s first LP because it was one of those exclamation mark moments, similar to “Measuring the Space” by inner-western Sydney band The Hadron Colliders.

My response to hearing this was immediate and positive, and I’ve now spun “Measuring the Space”…over and over.

You might think of REM when you first hear this EP, ‘though I am here to advise this impression won’t last long. It couldn’t possibly; Arun Kendall (formerly of The Last Metro) is clearly a unique talent and this record is sexy as all get-out (REM didn’t get sexy until … hang on, were they ever sexy?)

Each of Adrun’s songs takes you firmly for a crushing, lovely boat trip down a brooding romance-laden river; for those of you who want a tad more emphasis, the last song, “Cherry Blossom Girl”, uses careful, powerful feedback to open our heart to a song The Easybeats apparently recorded then forgot about.

Repeated listens and these songs improve. Adrun’s vocal are assured, tough and laid-back.

Rating? I’d say five bottles. I want to see this band live; if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to see them, don’t pass it up.


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