son of the kingSon of The King b/w Elvis’s Lip - The Secret Buttons (Fancy Time Records)

This is an offering from a Perth trio that’s a couple of years old and came out a similar period after the very cool debut EP of 2016, “Some Buttons Should Never Be Pushed”. It’s a savage beast of a seven-incher, a two-headed behemoth that’s equal parts ragged and righteous. 

“Son of The King” rides a rollercoaster riff before an affirmation of superiority befitting someone who's lucky enough to drive a Chevrolet. There’s enough bravado in this one to rival, oh, the Psychotic Turnbuckles, even if it is tongue-in-cheek. Set against a grinding feel, the tough rifferama really lights it up. 

Flip it over and guitarist-vocalist Jiah Fishnden’s Younger-esqe howl kicks “Elvis’s Lip” into life; the rough edges of the band’s delivery are enhanced by a scything guitar solo that leads into a breakdown. The song’s whipped back up to take things out. Not being cute here and he is top of mind, but if the recently departed Dave Thomas of Bored! was still with us he’d surely be nodding in approval. The Secret Buttons recall the dirty Gee-troit sound that he championed. 

Available as a digital download on the band's Bandcamp but badger them for a slice of vinyl 'cos it's real.