veebees-meatbeaters-splitThis marriage of the Kings of Aussie Grog Rock fits like a proctologist’s finger in your bum. The Vee Bees serve up four high-speed hammerings of dubious lyrical content like “Never Miss The Bowl”, while The Meatbeaters come up with two slabs of particular intensity characterised by stinging guitar.

There’s wry humour in almost every song by The Vee Bees but when you strip that away, you’re left with high-octane punk rock. Only one of their tracks here breaks the minute-and-a-half mark. Nagging twin guitars fuel The Meatbeaters’ “Ute” while “6 Foot 8” takes a leaf out of the Powder Monkeys’ bible. The Vee Bees and The Meatbeaters come from opposite ends of the country (Queanbeyan and Adelaide respectively) but I’d pay to see them face-off on neutral turf. The results wouldn’t be pretty but they’d be pretty satisfying. Both bands carry on the legacy of influences like The Onyas and the Cosmic Psychos. Buy as a 7" or download via the link below. 





The Vee Bees and The Meatbeaters on Bandcamp