wait til the summer cvrWait ‘Til The Summer Comes b/w Tonight Tonight Tonight - Little Murders (Off The Hip)

The formula is as simple as it is timeless: Verse-chorus-chorus. Melody lines and a hook or two. Melbourne’s Little Murders have it down pat and this 45 is another object lesson in powerpop.

“Wait ‘Til The Summer Comes” is the tough pop rocker, “Tonight…” its lighter reflection. The former swoops early and replicates its own melody line in a short but effective blaze of guitars. Rob Griffiths’ agreeably distinctive vocal suits the song’s summery mood. And it is always summer, somewhere around the world.

Flip it over and “Tonight Tonight Tonight” is a simpler but no less catchy gem. Griffiths and lead guitarist Rod Hayward do a little sparring the song kicks back into its chorus. Hayward takes it out. Finito. Simple and effective.

Bonus: Buy the vinyl single and you’re gifted another four digital tracks. An easy call, really.

 martinirating martinirating martinirating martinirating3/4

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