viduker flexiBluesy rock with its feet nailed to the floor in a smoky bar somewhere in the ‘70s, Vikunder kick out righteous rock with a lashing of soul on this single, a taster for their second album, “Oracles and Prophets”.

“Gone With The Dawn” motors on the same melodic fuel that’s powered The Sewergrooves for the best part of a decade. Is it any surprise they, too, hail from Sweden? In Vidunker’s case, one guitar and an organ fill out the sound with Martin Prim’s tuneful vocal pushed slightly back in the mix.

The flip - if there can one with a CD or on a flexidisc, to be packaged with the album - is Roky’s classic dissertation about a mystery man. It’s played at a faster tempo than the original, with the passages between the verses alternately highlighting Jonannes Cronquist’s organ and Prim’s guitar.

It's brought to us by the same label that is home to psych kings The Movements which should tell you something. Sounds like this album’s also going to be a keeper.


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