take me awayWhat would there be not to like? Double-jangle melodic pop with a hooky melody on one A side and a soaring piece of extended majesty with a searing guitar solo on the second.

It’s what used to be called a Super Band. Which is to say the members have graced a lot of “name” acts from Sydney’s underground past. That might be important to anyone with a modicum of history but Joeys Coop also stand on their own feet. The song-writing is strong and the playing equally so.

“Take Me Away” is the pop song and it’s a beauty. The feel from Andy Newman and drummer Lloyd Gyi is rock-solid but it’s the simple interlocking of Brett Myers (Died Pretty) and Matt Galvin (Loose Pills, Eva Trout, Perry Keyes, Happy Hate Me Nots, Barbarellas) on guitars that builds the song,. Ex-Decline of the Reptiles singer Mark Roxburgh’s warm vocal elevates this to top-shelf pop.

The extended-length “Down (To The Sea)” finds Myers reverting to the earlier days of Died Pretty with one of those trademark paint-stripping solos cutting through a swelling, textured build like a napalm bomb through a stand of trees. Roxburgh’s vocal is another winner. Ace productiion is by the masterful Wayne Connolly.

There’s an album in the offing and it will be a killer. Meanwhile, grab this as a CD, on vinyl (on its way from Italy) or as a download, via the link below.


Joeys Coop on Bandcamp