• shannon cannon 2017

    My top 10 albums for 2017 - and a cheeky top 5 EPs chucked in there, too.

    Control Freaks - "Mindless Entertainment"
    Powerline Sneakers - "Disasterpiece"
    Hana & Jessie Lee’s Bad Habits - "Southlands"
    Meatbeaters - "Wrong Side Of Yesterday"
    Sheer Mag - "Need To Feel Your Love"
    Cyanide Pills - "Sliced & Diced"
    The Hormones - "Legendary Junk"
    Stiff Richards - "S/T"
    The Molting Vultures - "Crowd Surfing With The Molting Vultures"
    The Uglies - "Keeping Up With The Uglies"

    Control Freaks - "Don’t Mess With Jessica"
    Les Lullies - "Don’t Look Twice"
    The Cavemen - "Dog On A Chain"
    Control Freaks - "No Action"
    The Fadeaways - "Kicks & Chicks"

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