new bomb turks

  • babyshakes2Two of American’s finest and most fun high-energy punk combos, New Bomb Turks and Baby Shakes, have separately decided to make available rarities to benefit Black Lives Matter organisations.

    Columbus, Ohio’s New Bomb Turks, who appeared in the early ‘90s and made a huge impact internationally with the high-speed wise-ass update on classic ‘70s styled punk, are releasing "Nightmare Scenario – Diamond Edition", a vrsion of their 2000 album, "Nightmare Scenario".

    The previously unheard original mixes (and bonus track) by original producer Jim Diamond was recorded after their first Australian tour in 1999, and featured new drummer Sam Brown.

  • defiled smDefiled! A Heavy Medication Tribute to New Bomb Turks - Various Artists (Heavy Medication)

    Can’t profess over familiarity with the back catalogue of New Bomb Turks.Nothing personal, mind you, it’s just that when they were at their busiest back in the ‘90s, there was so much else around. Their potency can’t be disputed.

    These Ohio high-energy punks churned out nine (yes, nine!) studio albums until life got in the way and ushered them into semi-retirement, and this tribute record from Polish label Heavy Medication testifies to their take-no-prisoners reputation.

    Rember when tribute albums were all the rage, back before the Interwebs became fully embedded in our heads via vaccine-encased 5G chips? They grouped bands of a common mindset and showcased sounds you might not have otherwise heard. Like Spotify without ridiculously microscopic royalties.

  • NBT tributeThe idea took root a year ago. Ardo from Estonian band Dead Furies had an idea to compile a tribute album for New Bomb Turks, perhaps his favourite band and oen of the stars of the US 1990s punk rock scene. He hit up some up and coming rock bands, and some mainstays, to see if they would be interested.

    The response was overwhelmingly positive.

    The tracks started coming in from the likes of the Hellacoptersand DEMONS from Sweden,the UK’s Hip Priestsand the Killer Hearts(USA). In the end he got 14 different incredible artists from Europe and North America. 

    Newish label on the block ,Dragstrip Riot Records  have collaborated with seasoned labels Ghost Highway Recordings from Spain and Spaghetty Town Records from US to bring you “No Heroes No Leaders No Artists No Gods”. Every label released a different limited coloured vinyl and also the regular black version. 

    It's strictly vinyl only and the label names above link to websites. 


    1. Professional Againsters “Bolan’s Crash” (Sweden)
    2. Deadheads “Quarter To  Four” (Sweden)
    3. “DEMONS” “Pretty Lightening” (Sweden)
    4. The Boatsmen “Wine and Depression” (Sweden)
    5. Acid’s Trip “Snap Decision” (Sweden)
    6. The Chuck Norris Experiment “End Of The Great Credibility Race” (Sweden)
    7. The Hip Priests “Jukebox Lean” (England)
    8. Dead Furies “Your Beaten Heart” (Estonia)
    9. Scumbag Millionaire “Tryin' To Get By” (Sweden)
    10. The Drippers “Hammerless Nail” (Sweden)
    11. Jonesy “Jeers Of A Clown” (Canada)
    12. Killer Hearts “Spanish Fly By Night” (United States)
    13. Randy Savages “We Give A Rat's Ass” (England)
    14. The Hellacopters “Veronica Lake” (Sweden)
  • defiledWhat did we say about it being high time for a tribute to New Bomb Turks? Just when you think it’s safe to put your PayPal password away, here’s a second collection from Poland-based Heavy Medication.

    Label owner and expatriate American, Derrick Ogrodny, first laid ears on the Turks in 1992 and has been loving them ever since: “Almost 30 years later, we’re still finding traces of the Turks’ flamethrower DNA in hundreds of other bands.

    “So it’s in their honor we put together an international tribute of bands interpreting their songs, from garage-punk to motorpunk, from speedrock to action rock — and a few surprises too!”

    Pre-orders for vinyl or CD editions are open now and here’s the line-up which includes Aussies Aberration and Howlin’ Threads:

    Hell Nation Army– “Point A to Point Blank”
    Poison Heart – “Snap Decision”
    Aberration – “Rat Feelings”
    Doojiman & The Exploders – “Automatic Teller”
    Red Crap – “If I Only Could”
    Randy Savages – “Leaving Town”
    Howlin’ Threads – “Professional Againster”
    Ville Fantome – “Born Toulouse-Lautrec”
    Flash House – “I’m Weak”
    Dog Toffee – “Id Slips In”
    The Satanic Overlords Of Rock ‘N’ Roll– “Tattooed Apathetic Boys”
    Smalltown Tigers – “Girl Can Help It”
    Puffball – “Never Will”
    Moron’s Morons – “Wine & Depression”
    Jack Saint– “Grounded Ex-Patriot”
    Tongue Action– “Telephone Numbrrr”
    Hell Nation Army– “I Want My Baby… Dead ?!”
    Jet Boys – “Killer’s Kiss”