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  • home science cvr Home Science – The Warts (Outtspace)

    You have to look hard to find Uralla on a map of New South Wales. Nestled  in the Northern Tablelands, not on the way to anywhere in particular, it’s a town of 2,000 people and not the sort of place you’d expect to find a band like The Warts. Or so the cliche would have it.

    The Warts have been around for a couple of years and with the benefit of hindsight (along with their Bandcamp) it’s clear that they began life with more than a passing interest in Krautrock acts like Neu.

    At least that’s how their 2019 album “Weakened by Mange” sounds when they were a quartet. Fast forward to now and long-player number two, “Home Science”, is closer to Fugaziwithout the same sense of economy.

  • pilots landscape

    Canberra proto-punk-cum-metal band Pilots of Baalbek have released their second album, “By The Seat Of Our Pants”, on happening label Outtaspace and you night want cock an ear to what they're doing. 

    Said to be “a groovy platter of ‘70s-style space rock, punk, heavy metal, boogie and glam”, the LP references Hawkwind, The Sweet, New York Dolls, AC/DC, Stooges and MotorheadBig call but you can judge for yourself by this filmclip for "Cargo Cult" by Mike Foxall (Neptune Power Federation, Nancy Vandal, The Fizz.