spike vincent

    1. ash2021Shooting up vaccine while saying, “’scuse me while I kiss the sky
    1. Wavves– “Hideaway” album. I play it every day for months. Loved ‘em since “King of The Beach”.
    1. Private Function - Best rock/punk band in Australia and also the funniest. Their live shows are action from start to finish.
    1. Ceremony– There has been an astonishing progression over the last 10 years. Think Husker Dü/Replacements, but they have gotten to this neon, cool place at the moment. Their old shows on YouTube are killer.
    1. A kid I made, Spike Vincent, made this beautiful song called “Time Machine”, it’s in skateboarding movies etc. I love it.
    1. Watching this year’s Stonestour on YouTube and the Beatles doco (I love both of ‘em.)
    1. Started a new label called Rolled in Glitter Records: “You can’t shine a turd but you can roll it in glitter” . I will be raiding my vaults. Vanity label extreme.
    1. How my close friends were supportive during virus crazy time.
    1. Shane McGowan doco “Fairy Tale in New York”. It gives me rising sad tears every time.
    1. Also fuck all you, you rusted on Radio Birdman heads!!!