whisper park cvrWhisper Park b/w One and Only – Velatine (Spooky Records)

Damn, “Whisper Park” is dark and groovy. Just listen to that rippling rhythm, those soaring cadences..and Maggie Alley's louche, almost deadpan vocals. By god, she's got a voice on her.

Band member/producer Loki Lockwood has shot another sterling ICBM into an uncaring stratosphere, look out Shen-zen, here comes detonation... and yes, Velatine do provoke that effect. At least on me. A graceful, deadly shot into the air, where it lands, god won't help you.



I love this kinda music. Ramming, pounding synth trash overshot with sensibility, seething strings and christ knows what-all else. Phil Spector to the maxx. And Maggie. Dear lord, what a voice, she knows how to interpret a song.

A favourite line: “You know what they say, all things rot”.

That chorus on the second song:: “You were my one and only/ but you know, you fucked it up”. Simple, brilliant

Once you're playing “Whisper Park” in your car, apart from singing along like a dill, you'll realise that this is such great travelling music that you've put it on rotation and you're halfway across the state. Of course, Melbournians will find themselves in Queensland or WA or even the Northern Territory. So, if you're a Melbournian, don't listen to Velatine and drive. Very awkward. Rumour has it that the Territory doesn't believe in music made since 1980.

I'll keep this simple. One: get the blue vinyl, it's so pretty. If they run out - as they will if they haven't already - get the download.

I'm wondering if Lockwood and Alley have an LP in the works. Pester them, get yourself put on a mailing list. You need this kind of greasy, sweet corruption in your life.

martiniratingmartiniratingmartiniratingmartiniratingmartinirating - No, make that five vodka martinis and a slap in the face.

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