can-of-soupPressed up for the recent European tour, the A side is a mono version of the song from the “Detroit” album. Mono remasters on vinyl are more often than not a great thing. “Can Of Soup” punches above its weight, sonically speaking.

Blasting this on the stereo, I was sweating one of those blistering Tek lead breaks. It never arrives. 

The flip, “Song For Dave”, is a rollicking surf instro in the style of “Hondo’s Dog”, a onetime Tek live show opener. It’s previously unreleased and is a fine diversion - or trip back to the days when surf music was a great teacher, not an anachronism. This is the stuff Tek and a whole generation listened to when they learned guitar. Cool licks and fine times in the tube.

This is a limited edition with a handful of copies remaining on mail order. Click through to Dr Tek’s site to score one of the last ones.