oh my golden rail singleMelbourne-via-Perth power-poppers The Golden Rail have released this as a taster to their forthcoming album. With a cv that includes playing with Header, The Rainyard, The Jangle Band, DM3, The Palisades, and Showbag, you could suspect it’s going to be good - and it is.

“Oh My!” Is lilting jangle-pop with with a sweet chorus reminiscent of a Robert Forster song. Written by the band’s creative core of Jeff Baker and  Ian Freeman, it sounds like it dropped right out of the sky during paisley pop’s mid-‘80s heyday...right after the Go Betweens had seeded the clouds. 

“The Silent Birds” conjures Neil Young around the time of “American Stars ’n’ Bars” - back when he wasn’t throwing out quickie albums at the rate of one a month. Think: "Will To Love" without the crackling open fire. It’s restrained with a loping bass-line and a feel that’s sitting right in the pocket. Ian Freeman’s plaintive vocal was put down as a guide, apparently, but fits the reflective mood perfectly. 

It’s available as a download or CD single.


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